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Get comfy, grab a drink, unplug the phone, it's a long one.

"Time is flying, never to return"-Virgil

Been putting off writing for several reasons, a bit of writer's block, busy, pissed off, just not in mood I guess. Don't know that I really am right now, but I have had lots to write about. I'll try to be brief, just catch up.

Thursday 4/1
Didn't do anything that I can recall, nothing special but sure as hell didn't start on resolutions or whatever.

Friday 4/2
Went to Mullen's after work for just a couple drinks, then headed home. Adrenalynn didn't take the day off, pfft. G&N didn't call either, spent the night at home.

Saturday 4/3
The day finally arrived. I was the first one there and I was running late. Why doesn't anyone ever show up to our events on time, lol. I must say I was pimping, braided up, new kicks, the new Sosa jersey. *tugs on shirt* I was P.I.M.P. J-Rock didn't call back so I went solo. Al showed up, then Rigo and Shenel and it snowballed from there. I was pleasantly surprised to see Swanie and Freddie show up, even got me a stuffed Chicago Bear. Woot! Hector actually showed up with the band sans Phil which was cool as hell too. Everyone got along and it was a great time. I actually was busy going from person to person, up the stairs, out to the porch, VIP room, etc. So I didn't get to eat or drink all that much, but it was all good. D's parties are always top-shelf. I had to leave right after we cut the cake which kind of sucked, but what are you going to do. GXK didn't make it out, Nullers was sick. :(

Sunday 4/4
Was supposed to go out with GXK after I recovered, but of course that fell through.

Monday 4/5
Talked to Rosa for a while. Most people said my hair looked good. Kids, teachers, etc. "You look so young, you look scary, nice and clean, look like you could kick some ass." LOL. Some people just laughed.

Tuesday 4/6
Fritz's Corner!!! Wow the day was finally here. Got there pretty quickly, Maureen didn't give me any problems which was a good thing, I was worried she might be trouble on the road. (Maureen's my Jeep's name BTW, didn't mean to confuse anyone.) The place was so tiny, but it was great. I saw a lot of people from the boards, met a couple but totally forgot who, lol. It was a good set, I bought one of the shirts with the date on it and ish. Fawkin' Zion, lol. Awesome. Totally got me feeling like it was the good old days...Local shows, going out, *sighs*

Wednesday 4/7
I took a personal, supposedly I was going to recover, which I didn't really need to, and run a lot of errands. Unfortunately I spent the whole day, literally, working on sister's car in the garage with my pop. I wonder how many days I've spent there working on all of our previous cars. Between everyone in my family, we've only had one new car, back in the eighties. The ol' K car. Maureen, the Celebrity, both wagons, the ol' T-Bird, Vivi's car all have been used. Mike, Dave, all used to come by when I was in garage, summers, winters, I sound like an asshole but I freakin' hate it. I know it saves us money and all, but I'd rather like work an extra day doing my job than working on cars. Guess it's the fixing of them, because I wouldn't mind suping one up or working on sound system, etc. Anyway, we ended taking it to a shop after everything, damn foriegn cars. Friggin' German engineering, Volkswagen, pfft. Cost dad and sis almost a grand to get it out of shop yesterday. Grrrr...

Thursday 4/8
Went to Mullen's after work, had lots to drink. Between all of us I think we spent like three bills...insane. Had a few beers, a couple of Irish Car Bombs (Mmm), a Jagerbomb, and assorted shots of Tequila, Jamie's, etc. Talked to Bill for a while, he's still waiting to hear from Sheriff's office, he also told me a crazy story about his mom and his backyard. Showed me scars where got stabbed and everything. Jist of it is that his mom almost got jumped, so he went out and ended up fighting about five people. Also ran into Omar, my old college roommate/high school friend, guess he plays darts there on thursdays. I tried convincing everyone to buy Cypress tix for the 19th of May. It was a strange crowd, but I guess it's because we're usually there on fridays.

Friday 4/9
Used giftcards to pick up TiVo at Best Buy, man, it is the BEST!!!! TiVo roxors!!! I can't believe I waited so long to get it, but it's all good. Won't miss shows at all now. Friday was insane, after hitting Best Buy, setting up TiVo, and talking to Jeannie for a few, I started to get ready for the Metro. Marcos and Czr came with me, and I ended up with Rockstar parking a few spaces away from the front door, never had parking that good. I went in solo while they went to get smokes and maybe a drink at the Cubby Bear. I left hoodie in car because I didn't want to burn up inside, so we agreed to meet on the second floor. So there I was all alone, I think I saw a few of the board people, especially since I had seen artist's renderings of what they would be wearing earlier in the day. LOL. The opening band was alright I guess but I couldn't wait for Local. While I waited this girl that was standing next to me said hello (must be the hair), so we started talking about H. Guess she's been to a lot of shows as well so it was pretty cool. She was real nice, but looked like she was twelve. I saw she had an alcohol wristband on, so I know she wasn't :P. We spent the whole night talking between sets and songs, it was pretty cool. She bummed smokes off my brother, and I bought her a drink. Nice name too, Sariah.

The show ended, which I must say was another top-notch performance by the H that is Local, and we all began the mass exodus out of the Metro. We didn't exchange numbers or anything, just said goodbye, nice meeting you, yadda, yadda, yadda. It was actually better that way, I'm not looking to meet anyone really, so it was kind of refreshing just to meet someone, have a conversation, and end it right there. Just the mutual enjoyment of each other's company, you know?

So we jump into my baby and cruise on over to the Beat Kitchen. Cubs were tied up in extra innings which rocked because they were down one earlier in the day. Again I luck out and get pornstar parking, we get to the show just in time to see For All I Care jump on stage. Lots of people showed up, Ryan, S.A.M. Chavez, Francisco, Jose, B.O.B., Marcella, Dave, Uncle Lando, some Mather peeps, Tom Collins, and various other people from Hex's work. Good crowd, and I guess they actually made some loot that night, close to 500, they had 40% of the gate. Nice. I had been talking to GXK and company during the night so I jetted out of there right after the set ended. I kind of wish I would have stayed to catch up with everyone but I still wanted to head over to Mulligan's and Garcia's. In a way it was cool too because I was doing the whole man about town routine, like I used to back in the day. "People to do, places to see." The important, busy, big man on campus deal.

We get to Mulli's and yet again, rockstar parking. (btw-rockstar/pornstar parking is just another way of saying you've got a really good spot) I walk in and everyone's looking at me like WTF? I think I called Bob Mike by accident and Nullers was just being kind of weird. There was this like tension between us, partially because we got into it last time, and also because I'm sure I was giving off the "I'm too cool for this room" vibe. Not intentionally of course. Bob looked at my hair and said "Did you lose a bet?" LOL. I assured him I had not. He then gave me my beer and said "Well as long as it's getting you laid." *sighs* I could have assured him it was not. LOL. I just sneered and grabbed my Bud. Bob's the best tender in town, gotta love Mulligan's. I stuck around for one beer and then headed over to Garcia's. GXK tagged along while Lynn and Nullers had one more drink at Mulli's. We were so busy that we didn't get a chance to eat all day so the burrito's definitely hit the spot. Oh and yes, I did get pornstar parking there too, lol.

Alright it's getting late, and I've been writing for like two hours now, I'll write about the rest of the weekend tomorrow. G'nite everyone.

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