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As promised, the rest of the weekend to the present.

Another epic tale

Saturday 4/10
Ah saturday. Marcos still wasn't sure if he was going to go to NIU with us or not and he ended up totally blowing me off...pfft. So I woke up and my hair was looking kind of ragged so I decided to take out the cornrows. I swear chunks of hair were falling out as I did, I don't know if I'm going to braid my hair again anytime soon, it's really a pain. Then again...

I logged into TSO and of course no one was on, I did see Rosa's goodbye message though. :( That's pretty much the last of them, seems like it was so long ago. Hanging out at Hard Rock, always having someone to talk to, someone to chill with. Everything that has a beginning has an end...just sucks though. Guess it's about time I said goodbye to the Creek once and for all, left EQ, so maybe it's time to leave what started it all.

Always reminiscing, remembering. The trip down memory lane continued on saturday. I swear the last few months have been nuts, I feel like I'm dead or dying, running into so many people from the past...just strange. I mean the Local H concerts, running into old friends, the reunion, just makes me feel old school, lol. Maybe not so much that I'm getting old, although that's it too, but just too many blasts from the past you know? Speaking of, remember people CYPRESS HILL MAY 19 HOUSE OF BLUES!!!

Hector finally made it to my crib and off we went to Northern. Back to the D-E to the K-A-L-B. We took the first exit, Peace Road I think, so we could head to Bryan's taking the scenic route. Went by the Grotto, the tank, everything. God it feels like I was there so long ago, like another lifetime. Went to BJ's for a few, finally met his girlfriend, then ate at Tom & Jerry's. We still had some time to kill so we checked out the place they're moving into in the fall, then I went down Greek Row, and back to Grant Tower South. Damn NIU's changed. Parking lot where I used to park, gone. Our frat house was either gone or moved, sheesh it's only been a few years hasn't it? Needless to say, it didn't feel all that great to be back at the site of one of my life's greatest failures. At least Local H kicked major ass and made the pain go away. The show ended, we lost Hex at Otto's for a few, (because he was working the crowd as usual) headed back to Bryan's and got the hell out of Dodge. I was so exhausted, I swear I was going to pass out on the drive back at least a few times. Didn't get to bed until about 4ish.

Sunday 4/11
Nothing too exciting on Easter. Tried to recover from the previous night, had family over, watched Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison on TV. Then messed around with TiVo until it was time for LOL Sunday on FOX. Little adult swim action and then passed out.

Monday 4/12
Got all amped about the Cubs then they lost :(. I could have gone to watch Raw at the Allstate with my cousin but he wanted me to drive so fuck that. I mean Raw and Smackdown are always fun, and it was going to be free. I guess one of our boys got the tickets from Chris Jericho, but I always have to fucking drive. Drove to Zion, drove to DeKalb, drove to the Metro, WTF you know? I wasn't having it so I just watched Matrix Revolutions, wrote for a little bit, and played some X-Box. Pretty much wasted the day.

"Piss away potential everyday is a waste, and I'm wasted everyday."

Tuesday 4/13
Pretty much same deal today, went to Baker's Square with the fam for breakfast. Headed over to Best Buy, picked up G&R Greatest Hits, The Punisher Soundtrack, and Kill Bill.(wish someone would Kill Gil Hit DQ and then got home and made a few calls.

Eh, guess it wasn't as long as I thought it would be. Oh well, I'll hit the boards, have some dinner, watch Kill Bill then wait for 24 and The Shield...excitement never ends around here.

Much Love,


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