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I've had this goddamn headache all day...of course being the stubborn ass that I am, I haven't taken anything. I was told by someone who knows what she's talking about that it was just going to get worse, tension headache..well it has. I was okay for a while when I turned off all the lights and hid under a pillow, lol. Dad says maybe I need glasses, eyes are tired, hmm..maybe but I see fine, not squinting. I think it might be due to my Fight Club-like sleeping patterns. Never fully asleep yet never awake. *sighs* I think I've written too much the last few days, then again it's my fault for letting the journal go. Damn 24 never came on because of Presidential address, which is fine and good, but play it afterwards, now I have to wait til sunday...sheesh.

The Shield was good as usual, and never did get to see Kill Bill, too many people around. I'm very picky about watching my movies, I refuse to stop them in the middle and start off again, and I hate being bothered during them...just like in theaters, no bathroom breaks, nada. (at least at home I can pause for like emergencies, doorbells, water, whatever.)

I'm starting to think that maybe I'm just stressed out. Go figure, on vacation, stressed out, nice spring break huh. Then again that might be it too, too much free time, usually I'm busy at work with the kids, etc. Now I have too much time to write, think, reflect...alright guess I'll try to catch some z's.


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