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I'm friggin' sore, tired, and sleepy. Can't complain too much though, day turned out pretty good. Got tickets to Cubs game this morning and more memory for my camera (64 MB) that's like 50 high quality shots, sweet...and like 300 low quality, lol. Anyway, game was great, we rocked the Pirates, got some revenge. The seats were good, and the weather was pretty decent. The only bad part was that I got home a little tired, and a little bit too buzzed to make the two hour drive to South Bend. I was going to see Local H again, but I didn't have anyone to go with anyway so I decided to sit this one out. They'll back around in about a month anyway. So I got home had some dinner and finally watched Kill Bill, man that last line...Vol. 2 should be great. Punisher too! Oh and btw, does anyone know what the hell happened that South Park switched episodes at the last second. The A.W.E.S.O.M.O was great though, fuckin' Cartman, rofl. Alright, guess I'll get to bed.

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PS-Lucy Liu is the hottest! ok going to sleep now.

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