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*Rocking out*

Okay, I'm f'ing awake. It's friday, the 16th finally. Need to get some grub, set up TiVo to record Cubs and possibly Red Sox/Yanks so I don't forget, jump in the shower and get ready for the day ahead...but first just to recap yesterday.

Woke up, same ish different day...*rocking out* "EVERYONE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I'm unusually hyper, slaphappy even. So I woke up yesterday played a lil' X-Box, then headed to the theater and finally saw Hellboy. I know it got mixed reviews, and from the trailers/teasers I wasn't really all that interested in seeing. Guess that's why I took so long, but I ended up liking it. The beginning/origin was really well done and actually exciting. The effects were really good to the point where it was hard to tell what was CGI and what was costuming, etc. I'm glad Guillermo del Toro stuck with Ron Perlman as Hellboy. Studios wanted him to use someone more appealing or with a bigger fanbase, but he stuck to his guns. I love hearing shit like that, not everyone is a fucking sellout. I hope when I have to make choices like that I don't sell out. Anyway I liked it, then chilled here for a while, watched my Cubbies open up another can of whup-ass on the Pirates, and waited for the night.

I still iffy about going downtown for the third time that same day but I did anyway. I got to hang backstage with Hector and company at Hard Rock. They went on third, we had some peeps there, but not as much as last friday. All in all they played well but you couldn't really hear Mel when she wasn't belting out the lyrics. Needless to say, as usual it turned out to be a popularity contest, not a battle of skills per se. So some Phish part two, sandal wearing, hippie, granola eating band ended up winning the so called "Battle" of the Bands. This band didn't even have a drumset.

Yeah, that's HARD Rock for you, I'm sure Hagar fans would LOVE hearing this band open for him.

I'm such a hater sometimes...need to bust out the PHD. (Wonder if anyone but Eden will get that, lol)

It was all good though, I hate being in that touristy part of town, but it was fun. I ended up getting to bed about 2.

So here I am, it's going to be like 80 today, it was gorgeous last night, Punisher and Kill Bill open today, I gets paid today, Cubs are on and I'm young, alive, and don't have to go to work until monday...I'm getting the phuck outta here. You guys should do the same. Have a great day everyone...

Much Love,


Remember to Holla at your boy ;)

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