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God I'm tired.

The game's going to start soon, but I think I will stay in and watch it. 'sides no one called so pfft. Then there's the people that I'm actually talking to, whom I don't get to see too often these days, but aren't talking back. *sighs* The game will keep me busy for a while, keep me mind off things.

Let's see, yesterday I watched Punisher which was pretty good. I'm just glad it wasn't cheesy or that Travolta didn't f' it up. Thomas Jane was a great choice for Frank Castle and they set up his origin pretty well. Eventhough it's straying a bit from the original. There were some scenes were I was like "Punisher wouldn't let that guy live!" but the last squence was typical Punisher. The shootouts, explosives, shots taken on the skull, etc. I might have to watch it again before it's gone from the big screen.

I wanted to try to catch Kill Bill Vol.2 today but just feeling so blah. I'm not hungover per se, never really am, just tired. We went to Mulligan's last night, the usual. Nullers was complaining about going there again, but where the hell else were we going to go? It's the place where everyone knows your name. She complains but when we get there I know she's alright about it, talking to everyone, getting into "discussions" about music, sports and such. She wanted to get quizzed about music, then baseball, lol. She actually did really well. I had to "borrow" her from Jorge for a bit. When we walked in some drunk guy and his "brother" started talking to me about the Cubs. Then they bought me a shot, we were just talking about sports but one of the guys was creeping me out. So I slowly made my way back to Nullers, clinged on her arm, and kept talking to her.

We actually got into it about a lot of things, one of them was our parents getting older. That is like the biggest thing that freaks me out. Having to take care of them when and if they get old and ill. I won't get into it too much, but I know I probably come off like an ass, or selfish or something, but it just scares me. Don't know if I'd be able to handle doing "personal" things for them or having to really take care of them. She was also talking about going out, and how she thinks that at our age, we shouldn't randomly go out, we need to always have a point of some sort. An agenda if you will, I really didn't agree with that. Although I know what she means, but if you have to have an excuse or a reason for everything, you're not going to do much, right?

Lastly, she said she wants to adopt. Then we got into the whole thing about feelings toward children. My big question is can one really love a child that is adopted, even if raised from infancy as much or equally as one that you've given birth to. I think maybe it may be harder for a woman, who carried the child for nine months, then gave birth to, to have the same feelings toward one who was just adopted. I don't know, just talking out of my ass now. Especially since I know people who have both and have said they love them equally, guess it's one of those things you can never know unless you experience it.

Anyway, I had a few beers, a few shots, some lively discussions...I was just sitting there minding my own business...LOL. I won't even get into that...well, game's going to start soon.

Catch ya later...


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