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Venting (you might want to skip this one) Rated R for language and violent content

I'm pissed off.

It's not even the usual angst or fuck the world shit. Just pissed off since last night and I can't really shake it. Can't sit still long enough to read, beat Ninja Gaiden yesterday so no X-Box, online games just aren't doing it anymore, besides that would probably just aggro me further. Not in people kind of mood. Argggh! Guess it all started with There last night. I was trying to get my voice chat to work and it wouldn't for some reason, then I went through voice trainer, logged off, rebooted, went through control panel, long story short it ended up being a loose wire. Fucking figures. Went through all that shit, took over an hour and that's what it was. To make things worse I got into with my brother because he usually does shit to the CPU and I was sure he modded something or fucked it up somehow.

So yesterday was a totally fawking goose-egg. Didn't do a damn thing, no Kill Bill, no going out, nada. Couldn't write, watch TV, nada, I was too charged. Still am sorta, oh and did I mention the Cubs lost. What an f'ed up game, Alou had that incredible catch, all for nothing. Grrr...

You have to know what I'm talking about, one of those moods where no matter what you do, you're just still aggravated...maybe it's just me. Oh and now I get to spend my last day of break doing nothing. I had so much catching up I was supposed to do over break and of course I slacked. Tomorrow I get to hear everyone's stories about how much fun _______ was and how they ______ and ________ed all week. "Yeah, I had so much fun in ______, it's amazing how fast time flies." I can't believe we're back, well only ten weeks left until summer." "Blah, blah, fucking blah." Sorry guess it's sounding like I'm just bitching eh. Fuck it, and fuck New York too.

I should hit the weights maybe...and my musical choices aren't really helping, lol. I have several playlists, depressing, happy, hype, for different moods, and some based on people, mija, etc. Anyway, I know, I'm a dork, but I love my music and my lists are actually pretty well thought out..and you could probably careless so I'll shut up about it, but I have some raging ish on, lol. (Drowning Pool, Cypress, Local H, Stone Sour, DMX, etc.)

Godamnit, the hits keep on coming, cousin I was supposed to see Kill Bill with is taking forever and just called. Guess he wants to go later (bc he's waiting for his lady, pfft) during Cubs game, and out in the burbs at Fucking Crown theater which I hate. So fuck it, guess I won't be seeing Kill Bill this weekend...unless I go alone. *punches wall* "LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!!!!!!!! Okay, sorry I'm losing it, told you to skip this one. "Something's got to give."

And another thing, LJ people, board people, anyone else...shut the fuck up and start getting along. So and so is being whatever, I'm not talking to this person, blah, blah, blah. Grow up or fuck it, who needs 'em. Am I starting to lose some of you? It's for the best.

Hmm, I guess I feel a tiny bit better.

I wish things were different, I wish things would work out, for all of us. We're all good people right? By now I know most of you fairly well, and I think we all deserve better.

Don't we?

Unless your life is just peachy, then forget I said anything, asshole. LOL, alright...maybe I need to go back to bed, cranky? Then again, maybe I'll just grab a beer and wait for the game to start, God help me if the Cubs lose.

Great, there's one beer left. #$%#@^ #$%@!

I'm either shaving my head or getting a tattoo...maybe both.

I'm done, maybe I'll be back later when I'm calmer, with a more coherent entry.

Maybe not.

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