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*I've been away
*clearing my mind
*by destroying myself
*peace I'll find

Let's see, not too much new and/or exciting to report, I haven't posted in a while, but I have been keeping up with everyone's journals.

I know its advertising and brand recognition and shit, but does Victoria's Secret really want some fat, old lady carrying around their product. One of my *ahem* co-workers had one in the hall and all I could think to myself is "you need to keep that shit a secret."

I'm such an asshole.

I'm so wiped, I can't concentrate, feel like sleeping, but that's all I ever do these days.

Anyone familiar with Gamefly? I'm thinking about getting that 10 day free trial, God knows I spend enough on games as it is.

I've been going nuts making icons, bored I guess, trying to keep busy. Anymore you can think of? I still need to make Fight Club, The Crow, maybe Pulp...maybe take some pics. Ranger, Maureen, what else?

Cubs have been kicking all sorts of assh.

I bought a new mitt on saturday, sixty f'ing dollars! I love breaking a new mitt in. Soften it up, mold it to your liking.

It's was like friggin' 85 yesterday now it's like 65 and dark. It's going to storm.

Alright I'm rambling now, enough of this weaksauce, but I'm here, and around. (weaksuace lol, I had another word I was going to use, but as Homestar would say...I alweady fowgot.)

"Victims ... aren't we all?"


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