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Ok I'll behave, I'm just kind of hyper, annoyed, and bored all at the same time. But here's a funny story. So I'm at work and a students comes up to my desk/counter and he's carrying a brown paper bag. He leans over to give me his idea and drops the bag spilling its' contents onto the desk and floor. But let me start at the beginning...

Prom's coming up, and you all know what happens at Prom right? Woo-hoo, hubba-hubba, arrrrrooooga! *catcalls *takes shoe off and hits head. Anyway, across the hall they're giving away all this paraphanelia. Safe sex brochures, candy, anti-drug and drinking literature and condoms. So of course kids that will never go to class or be here on time will line up outside the door to get free rubbers. The funny (sad?) thing is that there's a ton of girls, not even seniors, mind you, but freshmen getting the same thing. I guess it's a good thing, but they have like no shame, no one gives a shit. But if their parents were around, it'd be a different story I'm sure. (note to self-where the hell were these giveaways when I was in HS? Not that I couldn't buy my own, but you could easily scope out the easy chicks, rofl.)

Anyway, this kid drops all this shit in front of us and starts freaking out, it was too funny. We were teasing him about "little ones" and he started blushing. We mentioned it to a few of his teachers so that they could also join in on the fun, heh.

I won't get into whether or not I think its a good idea, the ages of the kids, etc. It is somewhat of a controversial topic, I think it makes them want to go out and use them. Hell, even I wanted to sneak in there and grab a handful, not that'd I'd be using them anytime soon so I have no idea for what reason. Animal balloons? Water balloons perhaps? I'll get off that subject before I get too preachy or stir up some controversy. *jumps off soapbox

In other news, it's like freakin' 90 here...think I mentioned that, but I would like to offer Bibby a trade of heat and humidity for some snow.

So in conclusion, I didn't do much yesterday, today either. Snow is good, heat is bad. Free condoms = kids fu...err having sex. Local H rules all. More icons and shit to come.

Go banana.

Gil "The Cheap" Thrill

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