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"It can't rain all the time."

Just seems like it around here lately. Sheesh. Anyway, that's from The Crow. Just finished watching it a little while ago. I can't believe that it was released ten years ago today. (IMDB says it was the 11th, offically I think friday was the 13th back in 94) Brandon died on my birthday back in 1993, I know it sounds like it was so long ago, but it doesn't feel like it. Time really freakin' flies.

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn. People die. But real love lives forever."

Does it? Nevermind, I'm not getting into this right now, I was also thinking about Spawn. How he made deal with the devil just to come back to Wanda, but when he came back she was with someone else. What happens when everyone's dead? Who gets to spend eternity with each other? *sighs* I was just reading a friend's LJ and a lot of what she wrote really hit home.

But on to more pleasant news, shit oh wait not yet. I guess some wack job was harassing students on the westside/near north, whatever. He was talking to them and saying shit to them while playing with himself. When he got called out/noticed he still circled the kids before the bus got to the stop. I heard it from the police officers so I think they have a plate and a description. (on a totally unrelated matter FULL HOUSE WAS AND IS THE LAMEST SHOW EVER)

So where was I? Oh probably going to skip going to St. Louie tomorrow since I didn't get anyone to ride shotgun. Eh, there's always saturday, then we got Cypress Hill at the House of Blues on the 19th. Troy starts tomorrow and I still have to see Kill Bill Vol.2, and Man On Fire. Yes I know, I know. Well ER's on now...Luca's whole deal makes me think too, it's been a good season. I keep calling Pratt Future. Alright I'm fawking rambling now, maybe I'll be more coherent tomorrow or later.


"Nothing is trivial."

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