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I just can't win.

Well I'm really not that upset, just aggressive maybe? Annoyed, maybe it hasn't set in yet. It was such a good weekend too, but it's like it always is. I can't get too happy, can't have too much fun, bullshit always comes up. The show last night was great, good times were had by all. I wake up this morning a little sleepy, tired but ok. Cousin calls and we head over to see Troy. It was pretty good, I like the little twists they added, good acting, amazing scenery. Made me think at some points, also gave me ideas for one of my projects. Where was I going with this, oh yeah. Saw a great show, a good movie, hit Garcia's had good food, and friday I was at Mullen's so I was out all weekend now that I think about it.

But of course at Garcia's (which is a must for anyone, if any of you ever make it to the Chi, we're going to Garcia's. Hell, I might be nice and even skip the initiation ritual.) I ran into a couple of people. I shouldn't let it bother me, but it does. One guy, who shall remain nameless, was pissed off at me for some reason, I don't know...but I have an inkling. Then the other was a friend of a friend. He was waiting for this person to meet him there. This person is from out of town and it kind of hurt/bothered me that this person was in town and didn't drop me a line. It's not the first time, but I don't know. I know I sound vague and stupid, so I'll stop.

I get home and Mora's passenger side window is taped up with plastic. I'm like FUCK she got broken into again! Turns out dad was using the Jeep this morning and the window got stuck open, which f'ing sucks, everything had to be taken out and it's still stuck like that as I write this. Going to have to take a look at it tomorrow. Oh and someone drank my Gatorade :(. So Monday will be more manic than usual, hopefully D and the shop kids can fix it, if not...there's goes my rainy day fund.

At least I Cypress Hill to look forward to. Just can't have a few good days, without anything going wrong right? I'm still in an okay mood, I guess, ummm...*shakes it off* Cubs swept San Diego YEAH YEAH! I swear I had lots to write about, but now it's escaping me. Hmmm, I know that weekends like this one make me hate going back to work on monday's for one, and two, make me rethink working the summer.

Alright I think I'll call it a night, if I remember anything I'll write about it later or manana.

Gilius of Rogers Park

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