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Get into the habit!

Ok that was lame, I need to write a real entry I guess. My friend Bibby is holding up a gun to my head to write something. It'll only take two minutes she goes. Umm...yeah. She's thinking about joined here too, I think she'd enjoy it and I could use the friends since no one likes me around here... (hint hint) I have to figure out that code, referal thingamajig.

Speaking of figuring things out, I figure I only have like six work days left, two this week and four next. I'm probably taking a personal next umm catch up on important things..AKA LORD OF THE RINGS!!!! WOOT!

Okay so I am a total loser...but that's ok because if you're reading this probably are too. :P

Well it's been about two minutes, and I think I've succeeded in my menial task..err's funny how you can miss someone eventhough you're with them. Or how you can feel lonely in a crowd...but I digress. I think I'm getting my brother's fucking cold, I'm coughing and my throat hurts...heads are going to roll...okay that's enough...later.

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