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Another epic tale from the mind that brought just read.

What a world we live in. So I guess there was a brawl on the "L" on friday after work. The "L" being the elevated train for those of you not familiar with the lingo. Of course our kids were involved, and of course it didn't end there. Sunday night one of our kids was shot four times at a neighborhood carnival, he's okay, but in the hospital. Fast forward to monday morning. School had barely started when a ten on one girl melee broke out on the second floor. Then little incidents happened while trying to sort things out. Parents were called, threats were made, shit was talked. It really goes to show you that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Yet another fight started at the "L" stop, at least this time it wasn't on the actually train I believe. A few weeks ago there was an incident on a bus. Anyway, the police did a good job of rounding people up at the carnival monday night, see if anything happens there. So work's been nuts last couple of days, not to mention that senioritis is starting to spread. Oh and to top it off there was a shooting nearby monday night

What else has been going on at work, a missing student, who was suspected to be with her 20 yr old boyfriend who now seems to be missing. Another girl fight, one of them had a ring and let's just say it wasn't pretty. One of our security guards took a shot to the head trying to move one of the students involved. Then two other kids were about to throw down over a piece of paper. Just because of "attitude."

Anyway, after work I went to the place I go for my cornrows. I guess the lady that does them is only in on thursdays, fridays, and saturdays. This blows because I wanted to get them done for Cypress tomorrow night. I still haven't asked for thursday off, I'm still considering going in, regardless of what shape I'm in. But I digress, I end up going to Blockbuster, and I pick up In America and 21 Grams for the folks.

Both are great films, I hadn't seen In America until tonight, and I have to tell you, it lives up to the hype. Well, the little hype it has, three nomimations I believe. Well, the acting in the movie is really good, the girls are incredible, and Djimon Hounsou is really underated I think. He needs to be in more films. Anyway, I'll quit raving, but it's the best movie I've seen in a while. Blockbuster, event movies, and epics are one thing but small films like this one are the ones that really get to me. Inspire me, make me feel, think, it almost drove me to tears. Where was I?

As I'm looking for flicks at BBV, Sarah calls, she mentions a couple of places to check out since she asked me what I was doing. We never did find out where the place in Evanston was so I head over to the one across from DQ. I walked in and everyone looked at me like wtf. I know it's strange, and I don't blame them, but that's why things are the way they are. I can't walk into a black hair salon without getting looks. (Or ripped off, more on that later) I mean, I'm not even white! Turns out the lady's busy anyway so I jet from that spot. As luck would have it, I run into an old student there and he takes me to another place, which is down the street and unfortunately busy. However they tell me to go across the street, we go across, he hooks it up, and an hour later. Tight ass corn rows, word. The best part was he hooked it up for only 20 bucks, he 'splained to me how they overcharge people they don't know, or think that will pay it. Suckers.

So that was my little hair adventure, I get back to the crib, watch the second to last 24 and then The Shield directed by David Mamet! As usual Vic and the crew didn't disappoint.

"Well, looks like Trick chose the path of least resistance. Pussy."

Oh and I missed out on buying Cubs tix for tonight and tomorrow night. Eh it's okay, didn't know if I could get people for tonight, Sosa's out, and Bonds wasn't a sure thing. Plus they lost, tomorrow's Cypress Hill so I definitely can't make it then. Just my luck you know, I tried getting them for today, for my folks, but I was too late. How's that saying go? He who hesitates...

Anyway, that's enough from me for tonight, don't you think?

Sweet dreams.

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