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Quickly before I pass out...

Damn today was hot and sticky, and not in a good way. Anyway, quick recap of yesterday. Mullen's after work, had a few drinks, played some pool. Waited for Swanie and company. We all then proceeded downtown, it was pretty funny because I lead our little caravan and everything time I had to make a lane change I had to make sure three cars could make it. We made it to the House of Blues with time to spare. Parked in a garage a block away for only six bucks, weather was great last night, everything went pretty smoothly. Bugsly Adams opened for the Hill, it took them a while to start but when they was awesome. They played a lot of their classics, Hand on the Pump, Insane, Kill a Man, Latin Lingo, they flowed in spanish a lot more than I'd ever heard them before. Bobo set it off on the drums as usual, and B even did a little freestyle for the crowd. They finished off the set with Rock superstar, they didn't disappoint.

During the show, but before Cypress went on, one of us started to pass out. I guess he'd had too much to drink and it was kind of scary for a second. I didn't help him to the washroom, but others did, I was a bit buzzed myself. Had I left the pit I know I wouldn't be able to make it back. So I stayed with half the group holding our little area. Afterwards I felt like I probably should have helped but I wasn't thinking straight. I always have to second guess shit. It didn't help that the whole club was like one big smoke box. Everyone was holding, it was crazy, but not surprising considering. They eventually made it back to the fold and just in time, right before they hit the stage. The show ended and we headed home, good times were had by all.

I didn't go to work today, I figured I'd be recovering, and that I could get a few things done. If all else failed, I was hoping my Gamefly rentals would finally get here and I could play those all day. Lots of things I could have done on a day off, but did I? Of course not. I guess there's some work being done on the phone lines/power lines in the neighborhood so there was a lot of noise. Early. Too early. I didn't get to sleep much, so I've been in my Fight Club half-asleep, half-awake zone. Brother was home so I had to deal with him, in addition to the temperature slowly rising. No paperwork done, no gaming, not even good tv, nada. Watched the Cubs game and they lost in extra inninngs. Damn Borowski. Alou rocked it for nothing.

You know how after the Local H show over the weekend I was complaining about how shit can't be cool for too long, yeah that's how it always works. When are you supposed to give up on things? Goals? On people? Isn't it an admirable trait to persevere, to hang in there, not to give up? I just don't get it. No it's not copacetic. Heh. Eh, I've rambled on long enough, it just fucking sucks. Yes I know life sucks, but does one have to be constantly reminded of it? Can't I just be happy for a little while? I have to stop complaining, sorry.

Tomorrow's friday, woot!

I guess.

Time to get to bed, see where tomorrow takes me.

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