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Updated some links.

Lots of Metro shows coming up.

Suffrajet tomorrow.

The Streets the 23rd

X-ecutioners the 12th

Nina Hagen *sighs* the 22nd

Other than that...shitty day. Shitty week, year, decade...umm. Hmm..oh yeah

That's always good news eh? Only good news is D's party will be on sunday instead of friday. So hopefully I can hit Local on Friday, and D's on Sunday. Fuck I forgot, I thought I had something else to write or I was supposed to remember. other news, I'm starting to get into Nascar thanks to Thunder. Damnit, that's going to bother me, ah fuck it. I'll just get to bed, seems all I do lately is sleep anyway.

Oh, this isn't what I can't remember, but just thought it was interesting...he saw my Phoenix tatt and asked me what other ink I have. People were donating blood at work today, I never can either because of recent ink, piercings, or travel. Anyway, he asks me why I got that instead of something that means the Virgin Mary. I bit my tongue, I really wasn't going to get into it with him. Besides, the Virgin Mary's up there with the Mom heart tattoo, roses, and angels...everyone's got 'em.

I just rewrote this line like six times, forget it...

'nite everyone.

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