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Good Ol' Days

Well, today was interesting to say the least. Work was nuts as usual, thank God tomorrow's friday, payday, and LOCAL H. I'll probably be riding solo since everyone I know is laaaame. At work I was surprised by a phone call, it's amazing how like jittery and nervous I got. For no reason really, it was more of a physical, involuntary reaction, I also got a scare, but I think that's passed.

Angela's been bugging about hanging out, and she's right. I'm just not comfortable in that part of town anymore. I think I need to leave Chicago sometimes, especially the RP. Bad memories around every corner, stories to tell about every street, it's actually pretty amazing. So I meet her at the Heartland, so much catching up to do, so many things going through my head. The choices I've made, relationships I've gotten myself into. I was thinking that some of these stories would be good entries, but I won't get into them now.

Goddamn television distracting me.

Once again I'm all over the place, but I really will get this out someday. Crap, I don't even want to use real names, I'm still iffy about that or not, you never know who's reading. Sorry, I'm out of it I guess.

I really miss one of my best friends on days like these. He used to tend at the Heartland, but a lot of shit has come between us, cliche as it sounds, a lot of it was because of women. He would have gone to the H with me, I'd be drunk right now for free, and I'd probably be in a better place. What the fuck happened? I mean I hadn't even thought about him in months, fuck him you know. The ex too, but being back in the 'hood brought a lot of that shit back. A lot of things were different, but a lot haven't changed, outside in the bushes there was some dude passed out, a crazy guy kept bugging us inside. Fucking Rogers Park, wild-ass Morse.

Fuck it, I'm calling it a night.


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