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"Let's get this job done!"

Alright I have to get this out of the way, seems I haven't been able to sit down and write, I'm going to try to write everyday in June. We'll see how that goes.

Friday - 5/28
I went to work, the usual friday, except no one was really going to do anything after work. I guess without my prodding things just don't happen. That and the fact that everyone was looking forward to sunday, sunday, SUNDAY!. So I run a few errands, change my gear, and I'm off. I yahooed directions to the Rave because I hadn't been there before. Wait now I remember, I was in the zone friday, things were really strangely working out for me that day.

First of all, I don't know what it means but I saw Jurassic Park everywhere I went. On my way to work some guy had it on his spare tire, then someone else on my way to Milwaukee was wearing a t-shirt. I also had my I-Pod and was listening to it on the drive up north, I randomized some H songs, mostly what they've been playing in their sets, and as luck would have it, Fuck Yeah, That Wide was the last song in my playlist. A couple of other things happened but I digress. I eventually get to the show and I recognized Dewey so I said what's up. I hung out with a few of the H-boarders and watched the show. It was a pretty good show as usual, but I must say it was the weakest one I've been too this year so far. Some asshole was starting a fight during their encore and people were just being idiots in general.

The show ended and I headed back to the ILL, I had to fill up at an oasis and I checked the tires, etc. Got some Gatorade and trail mix (which I ended up spilling all over) and I was off. I listened to a book on the way back in, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum. It was a pretty good ride back but depressing at the same time. I hate the fact that I have to take trips solo, go to shows alone, and basically have to beat people into doing things with me sometimes. Now, if anyone ever asks me to do anything I'm usually down, way life is sometimes I guess. Whatta gonna do? Just sucks doing shit alone, and always being the one there for others, but having no one there for you. Maybe I'm being dramatic, or just tired, it still sucks though.

Saturday - 5/29
Woke up late, recovered from night before. Brother and dad got into it and as usual I somehow got sucked in. So the whole day was spent walking on eggshells and recovering. I missed For All I Care... at the Beat Kitchen, Stripping The Pistol at the Bottom Lounge, and a friend that was in from out of town. So they all hate me now. I really couldn't leave a "situation" at home. Even GXK and Nullers called but it was late. The whole thing with For All I Care blows too.

I used to consider Hex one of my best friends, but we've just drifted apart. I'm sure he'll think it's due to the band, and part of it is, but it's not all that of a big deal. I'd bend over backwards to go to everyone of his shows if I thought it would help or he'd appreciate it. I won't get into it, but there was a show at the Note, even before that there was other ish. I just think, and tell me if I'm wrong here, that your closest friends are those that you hang with, live with, and grow with. The ones that are actually around, that are there for you day in and day out. Anyway, I'm going off course here.

I basically missed out on a lot of shit, and probably upset a bunch of people, eh whatta gonna do? I know I'm nothing special anyway.

Sunday - 5/30
Finally the day had arrived. D's Party. Bigkid picked me up and we had to make a few stops before we headed out south. We got to D's and of course no one was there yet. There was some kick ass Rum Island Ice Tea, 151 :), and some other booze to be found. Not to mention all the stuff we bought. Long story short, the night consisted of a lot of Jager-bombs, Jack and Cokes, and wings. Eventually the rest of our crew made it to the shindig. A lot of shit happened, from car chases, to running through alleys, to me burning my right index finger like an idiot, to people flashing people, to other hanging from pipes. Luckily everything turned out alright but it's obvious some of us can handle our liquor better than others. It was a wild night, and I hope that we can all put it behind us. I know I had a good time, and it sounds a lot worse than it was, but some of the details are just coming out now, so who knows.

We had to get out of there a little aburptly, I know some people made it seem like they were being the honorable ones or whatever by getting the drunk people out of there. I just don't appreciate people making themselves look good at the expense of others. I don't know, I guess it's all in the past now. Next event's on the 19th I believe. I'm so gone, I made the freakin' invites this afternoon and I alweady foegawt. 19th sounds right because H is on the 18th.

Monday - 5/31
Yesterday...not too eventful. Family came over, we had to set up shop in the garage because of the storms. We kept moving grill back and forth. I beat Hitman early in the morning, unfortunately I kept getting owned the rest of the day when it came to EA Sports. MVP, Fight Night, Madden, which I tend to dominate at our family gathering, I was getting beat at all of them. Just wasn't my day. We went to the park for a while and played some catch, and team catch. Also hit Best Buy, I reupped my Live account (Xx FENYX xX) for another year, in anticipation of the EA Nation going Live, and got the cables for the living room. This is going to sound so lame but...

We now have a monitor and a television connected to the computer. I can watch something on either the computer TV or the regular TV while TiVO record something else. Of course cable on both sets, and the cable internet on the computer. If we are using photoshop or something else, like Explorer while using I-Tunes or something, I can have one app on the flatscreen and the other on the TV. I might not be doing a good job of explaining this, but let me give you an example. I had Yahoo gamechannel open on the flatscreen while watching the game muted on one TV, while TiVO recorded, and the Shield on the other TV.

My brother and I are geeks.

Tuesday - 6/1
Finally, today. This entry is getting way long. Props to you if you're still reading. You get mad cool points. I think Eden's still in the lead. Work sucked today, hard to get into groove after a three day weekend. People were talking ish about party, I think I got somethings straightened out though. Then again, I swear one person in particular avoided me this morning, not sure why, but I think it may have been out of embarassment. Maybe. After work I played some catch and helped coach my cousin's little league team. I know it sounds weak but I've always liked being called coach. When I briefly coached football at work it was cool, and it was cool today. Although I don't think the parents were too comfortable with a big, long haired, tattooed coach. It was still fun and we stomped the other team, can you say slaughter-rule?

Alright I think I am caught up. Even if I'm not, that's enough for one night. Thanks for reading, hope you paid attention. There will be a quiz tomorrow. ;)

Coach Gil

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