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Fading fast...

Not much to report. %##^$ %^$%^! %^&#& Cubs lost. We really have to shape out, hopefully Prior will be the spark we need. Umm, really feeling exhausted, probably going to bed now. Didn't even hit the park or anything today, just so fatigued. Hmm hope it's not mono, maybe I'm just really bored. Oh got spanked at Madden again, I should just retire. That's about it I guess, oh real quick.

One of the VPs at work actually knew Jose Padilla when he was in school, guess he went to Clemente. After talking to him for a few, the connection started making sense, it really isn't as direct as it seems. He wasn't just some gang-banger that converted to Islam and became a terrorist. Anyway, I'm probably not making much sense, I'll shut now. Probably too late anyway, Carnivore's reading this as we speak and all my shit's going to be under investigation.

Some sad, insane news in the paper this morning, I guess an 11 old year old girl took a classmate into an empty classroom and slit her throat and arms with a box-cutter. World's going to hell in a handbasket I tells ya.

Gee, way to end on an up note huh, ummm...yeah. See, this is what happens when you try to write everyday, eventhough there's not much to write about. Not to mention distracted by a crappy movie on USA.

Gil out.

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