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"Blanks, they just don't feel the same."

Full moon so you know the kids are going to be nuts, and they were. I don't care what anyone says, ask any teacher, the moon does have an effect on us. There were tons of fights, a girl fight early, one girl busted another open with a lock. Later on in the day there were a few other skirmishes, unfortunately one of them involved a girl that was two months pregnant. She's okay though, but her face isn't going to be winning any beauty contests anytime soon. Then we had some kid trespassing, he got caught pretty quickly, then he got worked by security. You guys must think that the school I work at it is like the ones in all the movies. It's really not that bad, but it is an inner city school, and we do have a few bad apples. I guess it's just that the fights, fires, the bad things are the ones that stand out. I'm just as bad as the media I guess, violence sells. I could tell you about the awards ceremonies, the kids getting into good schools on free rides, actually I do sometimes. Don't I? I guess the positives are usually outweighed by the negatives.

Speaking of negatives, my EA Sports losing streak continues. My brother shut me out two games in a row with the friggin' A's. I must be slipping in my old age. I was really trying not to play the new Splinter Cell but I popped it in and now I'm hooked. Great. Eh, guess I might as well make the most of the Gamefly subscription. Maybe beat it before Full Spectrum Warrior arrives.

Still need to see Day After Tomorrow even though it got crappy reviews. I'm sure I'll love the eye candy. Screw Shrek, and Chornicles of Riddick looks like it's going to suck. I think I want to check out Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but I have to wrangle some kids to take so I don't look like a freak. Alfonso Cuarón directed it, odds are it will be pretty good. Garfield actually looks pretty cool, I like the idea of him having to save Odie. (Even though Heathcliff was the man!) Around the World in 80 Days looks like it will be fun, it's a Jackie Chan so I'll be watching it regardless. Dodgeball's also coming up, it should be funny. That's enough movie crap, I should be writing them not watching them.

Sorry if I'm losing you Axy, feel free to ask about any questions you may have.

I'm still considering calling in tomorrow, I'll probably just work half a day. That should give me plenty of time. Me and my damn sense of responsibility. Prom's also tomorrow but I don't think I will be attending that. Hopefully I will be piss drunk in Wrigleyville celebrating Prior's win. AAYEEAAAHHHH! Oh and that reminds me, all you fair-weather fans need to shove it. Booing Patterson, wtf? I thought we had the best fans in the world. Damn sell out yuppies at the games now.

Alright time to go, damn my a-hole brother. He's got the Discovery Channel on and the show's about Treacher Collins Syndrome. He says watching it is like picking a scab, it hurts but you can't stop doing it. It's really kind of disturbing me. *shakes it off* Don't even get me started about my cousin who's obsessed with midgets. He says he wants to be a professional midget wrangler. (Don't ask) They're all going to hell.

Gil out.

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