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"It's saturday, saturday, the heat might smother you."

So much for writing an entry everyday.

Truth is I didn't even make it home until this morning so I never got a chance to make an entry yesterday. Now I'm jotting this down before I miss saturday too. I've been on the computer on and off all day, just couldn't get myself to update the ol' journal. Don't ask me why, just lazy I guess. Let's see, yesterday I ended up going to work for half the day. Seniors were in and out, it was pretty crazy. The prom was last night, so it was to be expected. I ran a few errands got some money and my brother and I headed over to the Katz's to meet Nullers and Lynn. We walked over to the brown line and headed over to Wrigley, it'd been a while since I was on the train, and it reminded me of Columbia. Damn yesterday was a long day. We got to the park early, found our crap-tastic seats, (I shouldn't complain, there really aren't bad seats at Wrigley but I'm sooo used to being close to the field) and walked around for a while. Lovie Smith and the rest of the Bears coaching staff walked right by us, I didn't recognize them at first, the Bears polos should have been a dead give-away. Long story short, it was an incredible game but we blew it in the ninth.

Afterwards we hiked to Mulligan's, I swear it seemed to take forever. Had a few more beers there and a shot or two. GXK met us there after work, being paranoid about his clothing as usual. We then jumped into a cab and headed back to the Katz's. Five of us had to pack into the cab and I had to jump upfront but the driver seemed nuts. He was listening to DVD's on his stereo, Father of the Bride I believe and he wouldn't talk, just nod his head. Psycho, but at least he got us back safely. Lynn passed out and the rest of us played Texas Hold 'Em the rest of the night. GXK owned us but I gave him a good run, Maverick style. We ended the night at Garcia's as usual.

So I spent today online, ignored by everyone, watching TV, (Cubs, Fuse, Office Space, SNL) playing Splinter Cell, X-Box Live, and napping. Oh and the f'ing phone doesn't seem to be working. I think it's an outside problem though, line sounds staticy. (<--is that even a word?) I guess we'll see.

That's about it, nothing else going on. I have about two weeks left of work, woot! Should fly by, then I'll have a few days to veg until hell, er...summer school.

Gil "TPS reports" Noriega

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