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Ahora en Espanol!

Necesito praticar mi Espanol. Siempre lo hablo pero nunca lo escribo. Creo que me voy a tardar. Ni modo. Hoy fue un dia normal. Los Cachoros ganaron, fue al parque y jugamos con la pelota un rato. Me pase la tarde jugando Splinter Cell en el X-Box y viendo la pelicula Meltdown. No se porque estoy escribiendo en espanol. Creo que es todo para hoy. Solo faltan diez dias de trabajo. WOOT!!! No se porque pienso que no estoy escribiendo bien el espanol. Es que me falta practica, entonces creo que tengo que practicarlo mas seguido. Okay, ya me voy a dormir.

Hasta manana, que duermas con los angelitos.

I need to praticar my Espanol. I always speak it but never I write it. I believe that I am going away to take. Nor way. Today it was a normal day. The Cachoros won, it went to the park and we played awhile with the ball. To me it happens playing Splinter Cell in the X-Box and seeing
pelicula Meltdown afternoon. Not because I am writing in espanol. I believe that he is everything for today. Single they lack ten days of work. WOOT! Not because I think that I am not writing espanol well. It is that I need practices, then I believe that I must practice it more often.

??? I sound like I'm speaking Engrish.

Anyway, not much happened today. Watched the Cubbies, played some X-box, watched Meltdown. On the net all night but no hits, *sighs* what are you gonna do? Anyway, you guys should check out this song I'm listening to, it's a cover of Lovesong and not 311's version. That's about it, I'm sore as hell...going to bed. 'nite all.

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