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Fuck it

I'm always trying to come up with witty or catchy subject lines. Unfortunately I end up wasting time on sites looking for quotes or getting sidetracked. I'm just going to write. Let's see my options for the night were playing X-Box or Kingdom of Loathing, watching a movie, (probably Ghost Dog, it's been raining all day and it made me think of the quote from the film about how you get the same soaking whether you run or walk)[there I go again I was looking for the Mythbusters site, I remember on one episode they actually proved that you get just as wet running through it] and writing.

Crap did I lose you all?

You know what, I'm going to try something different. But first...yesterday was kind of insane at work as usual, we had a fight on the third floor where a kid busted his hand on a window, a chair was thrown, and a blackboard was broken. It was hot as hell just like tuesday, and only four people voted on my poll :(. I happen to know for a fact that more people are avid readers but I guess anonymous people can't vote which kind of sucks. Those of you that voted I thank you for your support. All I did was cut my sideburns, so far. We'll see. God I'm a dork. That was yesterday, now about today...

The rain didn't seem to be letting up but I didn't care. It was 2 o'clock and I had forty-five minutes to go, so I took one last look at the handsome Latino in the rear view, and waited for "Step Up" to finish playing. The song ended and I stepped out into the falling rain. Calmly I walked over to exit ten and saw one of our security guards, Snoop, smoking a square. We shot the shit for a moment and then headed in, but the doors were unexpectedly locked. As we peered in through the windows we saw kids scattering and a melee about to ensue. There we were, not more than ten feet away, and helpless to do anything about it. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning.

Rewind to a month ago. Typical day, random fights, tempers flaring, savages out of control. What seemed to be just another usual occurrence, would have greater consequences down the line. The details are always sketchy. Student A hits random student in the back of the head. Happens all the time. Student A is: bored, wants attention, is trying to be intimidating, is prejudice, is in a gang, wants to make an example of someone. Could be any of the above, unfortunately no one ever comes clean, so the typical reason is that there is no reason.

Jump a few chapters to yesterday. Remember that random student, the one that got slugged in the back of the head. Apparently she has friends, and she has forgotten about student A. 2:39, school's letting out. It's hot out, muggy, the kids have had a long day, irritated to say the least. Student A and his crew are sauntering through the parking lot, they don't notice the car idling in close proximity. The driver jumps out, bat in hand, student A and company promptly disperse.

Details are sketchy.

At this point driver jumps back into his vehicle, something spooked him, maybe a guard, maybe a cop. He peels out, unfortunately not all his passengers were ready. One of the girls in the car flies out of the car, arms failing, tossing over on the ground. I'm told it was pretty amusing. Driver realizes he's one soul short, and comes back to pick up the missing cargo. At this point, student A's back with reinforcements, and security's on the scene.

Again, details are sketchy.

Stories differ on what happened next, of course student A and associates claim that the car attempted to run them over. They would have met their maker if they didn't make a spectacular dive out of harm's way. Jackie Chan style even. On the other hand, some people say the car was just trying to take off. Someone got a license plate, a few descriptions were given. End of story, right?

Fast forward to this morning. I got most of the story from Tex, you know about the details. The late bell rings, and I start handing out those ever so popular tardy slips. It must have been about a half hour or so when a young Filipino student comes in, limping along, knees bandaged up. My first thought, of course, was next time wear kneepads. As I got my head out of the gutter it hit me, like a girl tumbling out of a speeding car, that's got to be her. I shot a look at Tex and a few moments later, the pieces were coming together. As the day went on, all of the participants were rounded up, questioned, nd then separated. The authorities were notified. Case closed. Everything's copacetic.

The rain continues to fall, hours continue to pass. The day's almost over, someone got the idea that it was okay to release everyone back into the general populace. After all, the fight's over now right? The bell rings. Seventh period is over. The halls congest. Random student sees student A directly ahead. Student A gets directly hit in the back of the head.

Recipe for a melee: 2 parts pissed off students. 1 part lack of security. In a large school mix several ethnicities. Wait until the end of the school year. Just add water.

There we were in the water, getting soaked in the rain, pounding on aluminum and steel, watching everything go down. Student A turns around and starts pounding on random student. At least he believes in gender equality right? Of course kids walk by and pretend not to see...or hear us. A guard from the second floor runs down, let's us in and Snoop's all over it. We turn the corner and enter the fray, the melee's moved and evolved of course, they tend to do that. The girl's restrained, teachers are helping to break up the crowd, and Snoop's holding student A back. He briefly escapes, until I shoulder tackle him into a door. We hold him, wait until he's calm, and take him back to the discipline office. He struggles free in the office momentarily, fortunately at this point most of the school's in the office and the police are on their way.

Everything seems to be under control and I head back to my office. As I walk over I notice a chunk of skin is missing from my middle finger. My first thought, of course, is to show anyone around me by flipping them the bird. Then a more sobering thought enters my twisted brain. Is this a scratch? Can't be a bite right? I probably got it from the door. Right? Fuck. I head over to the nurse's office. Some of the few perks of working in a high school include having a nurse and sometimes a doc around, mechanics on duty in the auto shop, and police officers down the hall. Band-Aid's, meds, cars fixed, background checks, you name it. The nurse tells me to run water over it for a few, I then get an alcohol prep and a Band-Aid. Good as new. I'm pretty sure it was a scratch anyway, I just get paranoid sometimes.


I finally make it back to the office, just before quitting time. 2:45 rolls around, and I roll out. Just another day in the office. It's a shame there's only a little over a week left.

Well that's about it, as I mentioned earlier I hate coming up with titles. For some reason, my first screenplay, Weekend was easy to title. Well I vary it by spelling it W33K3ND, but I digress. Other than that, I always seem to have a hard time, whether it be titles for short stories, subject lines for LJ entries, or titles of screenplays. Anyway, for this little story, I came up with a few options: Details are Sketchy, too obvious, It's All In the Details, sounds lame, and Just Add Water. I decided on the latter, but now I'm starting to think that sucks. I better stop now. Anyway, tell me what you think, I'm a little rusty, I haven't written shit other than entries for a while. I'm glad I wrote it though, maybe it'll snowball and I'll actually work on a script or two. Don't hold your breath.

'nite one and all.

(PS-LJ spell check fawking sucks, I just spent like half an hour correcting, and recorrecting, not to mention site's running slow as shit! So forgive me for any typos and or strange grammar. Okay, okay I'm done, hasta manana!)

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