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"I wish it was Sunday, 'cause sunday is my funday..."

Where to begin? Eh, not really in the mood to write. Nothing going on, just waiting for the next week to pass. Hopefully I can get some work done when school's out. I, of course, did not go to the Metro last night. Why? The usual, no one to go with. Usually I could careless, like the H shows, Cypress, etc. However, being that it was a late show (11:30) and I didn't have any transportation, I didn't think it was worth it to take a cab or CTA it to Wrigleyville and then try to get home from there at 2 in the morning. Probably intoxicated. Being lazy and broke doesn't help either.

Alright so what pray tell do I have in store today? Waste the day away on here, maybe watch another flick. Watched Truth or Consequences N.M. last night. I still think Sutherland's underrated as an actor. Maybe veg in front of the X-Box. It looks nice out, maybe some fast pitch. Who knows? Who cares? Hasn't been a lot of business here lately so apparent no one, heh.

Ack, sorry about the lameness of this entry, guess I'll be back when I actually have something of importance to write about.

Carpe Diem.

Gil "Proof" Noriega

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