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More quickies...not that kind perv.

Inclined to bold or confident assertion; aggressively self-assured. - Assertive.

I was told on Saturday that I needed to be more assertive. What the fuck does that mean? I think I'm assertive when I need to be, probably just shy of being aggresively self-assured. But I'm assured enough, right? Maybe she was right.

So I guess Dodgeball's got the whole country on a dodgeball kick, or at least Senn High School. After our swell indoor picnic, and an even sweller faculty/staff talent show, a bunch of us headed over to the gym to play some softball. One way or another that quickly degenerated into a game of dodge ball...with volleyballs. *shakes head* Was I in for a rude awakening. It was a great mix of people playing though, 50 year old teachers, gym teachers, math teacher, staff, security, lots of us. It was so much fun that I missed a meeting about summer school and got yelled at. Way to go Gil, piss off the principal right after she sent ten people packing. Long story short, I need to work out, seriously. I was running out of breath, stumbling over myself, and I have the arm strength of a pre-pubescent girl. Seriously, I notice it when we're throwing the ball around too. My fast pitch has turned in a sick, sick joke.

Therefore, since I've been saying I need to keep myself busy, I have decided to start a daily regimen of blah, blah, blah. Seriously, I have to work out. Asshole. I'm such an a-hole.

Jackass-Bloodhound Gang

I'm a Pimped out Jedi Knight,
Obi-Wan meets Dolomite,
Ben Kenobi went and got himself a Pompador,
These aren't the whores you're looking for

If the Crocodile hunter smoked weed,
Steve Irwin burning herb in his Jeep,
Kicks the kangaroos for laughing at his hair cut,
Used to fall for that too but

If you knew me like,
I know myself,
You'd hate me like
I hate myself,
'Cause i'm a ...

Got no Rabbit in this hat,
'Cause I'm pulling it out my ass
Ain't Siegfried or Roy but I could be,
Making Magic with a pussy.

Like that dude in Tienemen Square,
With a Six pack and a folding chair,
Guy bothered the parade and ended up,
Playing Chicken with the tanks but


We could out the Lesbian Spice Girl,
They could try to run Game on the ODB.
They could kick every douche bag off the Real World,
But they won't get rid of me!

If I knew you like,
You know yourself,
I'd hate you like,
You hate yourself,
Hate yourself,
Hate yourself,
Hate yourself,
Hate yourself,
Hate yourself,
Hate yourself,
'Cause you're a Jackass!

Last day tomorrow. Yay. I'm going to miss some people, others I'm glad to be getting away from. I actually get pretty envious sometimes, some people are going overseas, others hitting the road, everyone's going somewhere but me. Waaaaah. Okay that's enough of that. There's a big party tomorrow but it's all the way out south, so I don't know if I'm going. Besides I may be having some words with some people tomorrow, so I might just want to head home after work.

Someone asked me if I think I have bad luck. You already know how I feel about the glass, half full my ass. If not feel free to peruse my quotes to your right. Anyway, you decide. Like the rain today, which I really didn't entirely mind. It ruined my dreams of softball glory, but was actually quite fitting. But I digress, I know you make your own luck, make your own breaks, but sometimes like Jay says in Dogma. "The whole fucking world's against us, dude, I swear to God."

I haven't done this in a while, but I kind of needed it today, I splurged at Best Buy. Not really, only picked up a few CDs, still though. I was looking at buying Bubba Ho-tep and possibly Spartan. Where did they hide Spartan? It's got Val "I'm your huckleberry" Kilmer and it's a David Mamet film. What happened, what went wrong? I almost picked up the new Velvet Revolver but there was like three different colors for the CD and then I remember what Dewey said about the CPU problem so I said fawk it. I also love how two totally different people, perfect strangers can just start shooting the shit about video games. I was talking to this kid about Splinter Cell and X-Box for about twenty minutes. As much as I hate them sometimes, the kids are alright.

I'm supposed to be writing some people now, I just don't know if I feel up to it. Suck it up champ. It always comes back to me either doing the "right" thing or not. I always do the right thing, I'm so predictable.

As good as dead,

Local G

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