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Let's see yesterday was last day of work. Kids picked up report cards, things went smoothly. We got off early, 1100 am. Headed straight to Heartland, had a few beers, had a few laughes. Saw Typewriter Joe there and hung out with J-Rock. It was pretty amusing because when Joe saw me, it was only myself and like five other teachers, all women. I ask him "How are you doing?" He replies "Alright, I see YOU'RE doing WELL." Heh.

After that I cruise downtown for a few, come back home, chill for a bit then head to the Southside for De La's bash. God they had some kickass Tequila, and some aged Bacardi, good stuff. I sat on a broken chair and everyone fell out laughing, I have scratches, scars, and shit from dodgeball, the fall and god knows what else. But it's all good. Got to talk to D for a while about some things.

Didn't get to talk to everyone I needed to and I've only written one of the letters I needed to, still no reply.

After De La's Bigkid and I went to see Dodgeball. FUCKIN' CHUCK NORRIS!!! Good call Dewey. It was pretty funny, lots of cameos. Justin Bateman is Hilarious. There's still just something about Ben Stiller that annoys me, I don't know. Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day.

Today's been uneventful so far, had a good sleep. Beat NBA Ballers. I've got one of those things I want to post, but don't want to. I really have to decide how I'm going to write in this thing...

Well that's about it. Still trying to find out what I'm doing this week, Indy, Urbana, The Streets tonight. I'm hate being indecisive and having to compromise. Fuckin' Friday there's like a zillion things to do. Ack ok I'm out, might be back later.


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