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Hi, Im using word to write most of my entry since fucking LJ isn’t working…it’s 8:33 AM, and I feel like I’ve gotten the crap beaten out of me. Believe it or not, I’m in a great mood. Going to see 9/11, Cubs are going to whoop some Sox ass, even though we played like shit last night, and going to the beach for a while. All that and maybe even an H show tonight. If I can get my ass to Urbana tonight that is.

Yesterday I finally made it to Street Side to see Jules and Sarah Jamieson. Meeeeoooww! I guess starting July 3rd, Charlie's going to be spinning rock nights on Saturdays there, so if any of you can go it'd be swell. I hadn't seen them in a while, they were shocked by my hair. I guess it's getting pretty-pretty long but you don't notice it if you see it everyday. Jules was so happy to see me since I just walked in and surprised her. I miss her, but she lives so damn far now. It's getting tough to juggle all my friends now, I know, I know, poor Gil, so popular. It's not that, it's just that my old school, bestest friends, are the ones I get to see the least lately. So I'm planning on maybe having a little sum'n sum'n the weekend after the 4th. We'll see. I had one last year and it went smashingly.

I'd like all my worlds to collide, unlike George Costanza who feared it. My work friends, my old school peeps, the hood rats, and maybe an H-head or two sprinkled in for flavor. Que sera, sera, I guess. God I have to shake this shit off, a shower will do me well.

Just a few tips:

Tip #A Don’t eat cold leftover ribs after you’ve been drinking all night, even if you’re starving and there’s nothing in the house.

Tip #2 Gatorade is the absolute greatest thing for a hangover. I used to think it was OJ, no way. It tastes good and rehydrates you. (Never did figure that one out, drinking alcohol dehydrates you, even if you drink for, umm I can’t remember, 5? 6? Hours?)

Tip # III Don’t post entries, call anyone, or IM people on the net while intoxicated. Learned that one a long time ago.

Tip # four Umm shut the fuck up. This is universal. “Better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.” Especially if you’re f’ed up. If you’re in doubt just shut it.

Alright, I’m outta here I have a ton of shit to do today. Bills, hair, movie, beach, local, hmm…doesn’t seem like all that much I guess…Kingdom of Loathing here I come!

Fenyx The Chromatic Crook

(I just copied into here, sorry if it looks f'ed up. Freakin' LJ's been acting up.)

PS-Julie's got this drink with Red Bull, that's also a shot, like jagerbombs but it's sweeter, I think it's called a sweettart but I soooo don't remember what's in it.

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