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"Piss away potential, every day is a waste..."

I'm sure I've used this as a subject title before but whatever. It's been a while, eh. Guess I'm becoming like everyone else, it's like I don't know why I even bother putting my yahoo/aim on and shit. Not to mention the LJers that are also MIA. Although I don't blame them the way Live Journal's been acting up, I can't believe I pay for this shit sometimes.

Alright let me get this shit out of the way. Friday I did make it to Farhenheit 9/11 which I must say was your typical "Michael Moore" film. Well done, although I thought it was a little heavy handed. Moore definitely knows what he wants us to see or not see. He has a point of view, and uses his patented ambushing, clever editing, and narration to make us see it. When you think about it, it's actually a side that needs to be shown, you can't count on the media to show us the ugliness of the situation. Eh, I'm just babbling now.

*phone rings* I just had a pointless conversation. Why is that you never get the calls you want, the messages you need, but the ones you try to avoid always find you. It's just my luck I guess. It's not that I don't want to talk to this person, it's just that it just seems like we've run out of things to talk about. I don't understand it, and I can't really put my finger on it, I'm just annoyed at this point. Once you feel like you can't trust someone, as much as you want to, or even love the person, it just doesn't feel the same. Then again, I don't think that's even it either, because I know that's there's people out there that have done worse. Eh...again I ramble.

Oh, where was I. I watched the flick with a bunch of people from work. We then jetted over to Mullen's to catch the Cubs/Sox game, had a few drinks, some food, it was a good time. Someone was being very peculiar though, hmm...I always wonder if it's personal. I was supposed to try to see Local H as well, I cruised downtown to see if I had enough time to catch the end of Caviar's set at the Apple Store but I got there too late. Combination of traffic, parking, and my stupidity. I knew I wouldn't be in the mood to drive two hours to see H and then back so I decided to catch D at the lake. Hung out there for a few, Snoop showed up late as well. GXK and company kept calling me about Fireside, but at this point I was just fed up with everyone. I headed home and called it a night.

I guess that's why I haven't been posting as well, I'm just in a funk. I'm just generally pissed off that I have to do everything by my lonesome. Either people are on some shit, don't want to do what I want to, or are just plain lazy. I almost went to the movies alone this morning, hell I might have to tomorrow morning. I have to get those damn Spiderman tickets anyway. Midnight show! Hope it's not sold out.

Let's see I've had four days of vacation so far right? I think I wasted Wednesday, at least I beat NBA Ballers, but I didn't make it to the Streets. Thursday I made it to Street Side so that was a good night. Friday was good too. I guess I'm two for two then. Wasted Wed and Mon so far. The weekend I stayed inside pretty much watching the Sox rock us, $#% #^! #$%^$#%&!!!. Watched Road to Perdition Saturday night, highly underrated I think. Especially in its genre. Today was spent online or on the X-Box trying to save the country from Smallpox. I'm almost there, last board, it's just frustrating. I'm still not sure I like the game very much, I'm just not a quitter. (Or too stupid and stubborn to know when I've had enough) Oh I also ran this morning, well jogged/walked, but my right calf was killing me. I felt off, like my right leg was longer than my left. Fucking strange, I think maybe it was my shoes though, like the air bubble popped or I had a flat. I'll wear my Adidas tomorrow. heheheheh A.D.I.D.A.S.

I guess that's about it, I'll have plenty to do tomorrow since I slacked today. Thanks for reading, have a great night and a pleasant tomorrow.


-Gil "Like the Fish"

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