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Randomness, yet again.

"Many users are experiencing difficulty accessing the site right now, due to a flood of malicious traffic. Please note: it's not "hackers" taking us down. If hackers were people who hotwired cars to steal them, these people are just punks slashing tires with shiny knives they didn't even make. We're working with a number of people to get this stopped, including the FBI. We're very sorry for the inconvenience."

It still sucks when you're paying for a service and it isn't being rendered. They said something about refunding people or crediting or some ish, let's see if it happens. It may be over for now though, because I'm finally able to log on and read other journals, we'll see I guess.

So yesterday I pretty much caught up on all the errands I blew off on Monday. Got my hair cleaned up, sent some bills, had some Garcia's and picked up the Spidey ticks for the midnight show. I'm telling you it pays to be connected, I got a hook up getting the tickets, got them at the *coughs* student rate. Later on the lines were insane and it was chaos, but I saw a friendly face and he let me slide through, gotta love it. Spiderman was incredible. I know, I know, big Hollywood movie, based on a comic, blah, blah, blah. But don't take my word for it, read some of the reviews. There was a lot of Evil Dead in it, A few cameos, and the story was great. If you were to take out the action scenes, it would still be a great movie, based on the drama alone. Peter's arc, comtemplating his fate, his destiny. These are all things we can related to. Well, I won't go into it too much, but go see it. I think you'll even like it Bibby, heh.

So I got home close to three in the AM, and I haven't gotten much sleep. I've been reading, on the net, watching a little Real World, and dealing with SBC. The guy finally showed up and it took a while, but I think the phones are good now. I always have to lock Ranger up, he never shuts up when there are strangers around, guess it's a good thing, especially to keep burglars away.

June 30th, can you believe it? Half the year fucking gone already. I'm soooo not in the place I thought I'd be, how about you? For starters I really thought I'd be spending my summer away, guess things just don't work out the way you want them to. The year started out with so much promise you know? I remember New Year's like it was yesterday...sorry I'm getting lame and sappy, I apologize profusely. It's just fucked up you know. I don't know whether to be depressed or pissed off half the time. I'm really just getting sick of it all. *sighs* Do any of you even know what I'm talking about? Hell, I don't think I know half the time. Anyway, happy half year's eve...or something.

The Fourth is coming up and it doesn't even feel like it. I wonder when I stopped loving fireworks. I still like watching professional ones, but like the ones you light on your own, or M-80's and shit. It's all so "Eh, whatever" now.

Fuckin' Cubs are losing. I still need a life coach. Calgon take me away. As you can probably tell I'm losing it...I may or may not return. Possibly maybe.

Fenyx the Concertina Con Artist.

PS-Cubs just tied it up!!!

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