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"Everything is fine and good."

So turns out that all I needed to do is start the CPU in safe mode, then go into DOS type in a bunch of shit, and reset my IP address. Whatever.

This really bothered me on the news today for some reason. I know we're all supposedly desensitized, I know I am, but sometime's shit's so random, this could have happened to anyone. One of them starts talking to you and before you know it, pop! To the back of the head, game over. Losing your life over $30, WTF?

Anyway, didn't do much today, watched the Cub/Sox game get rained out, played some Spiderman 2 on X-Box. The game's really incredible, just to be able to swing around NYC freely. Awesome. Fine I'm a dork, whatever. I also finally watched the Stan Lee/Kevin Smith DVD. Lee is so the man. To come up with all those stories and characters. I'd love to have ONE character, one story, with which to be remembered by. Immortality, but to have over a dozen. The man definitely is underappreciated outside of the 'fanboy' realm. Anyway, it's kind of, sort of inspired me, at least for a little bit. I really need someone to light a fire under me, I need a muse.

Did I mention I've also been watching Dawson's Creek at 10am every morning on TBS? So I'm not only a dork, I'm gay now too huh? Hmmph. Going back to work's going to suck. I'm already used to waking up at 9:30, sleeping for like ten hours a day, being unproductive. It's only been a little over a week too, I work fast.

"I just finished Grand Theft Auto, wanna see me run down a hooker?" A character on SNL just said that, heh.

Well, I guess, I think, that's about it. Have a Happy Fourth everyone.

Peace, love, and chicken grease.

Pilot Inspektor Noriega.


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