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I was thinking to myself the other day, maybe my subject titles should be more descriptive, or should summarize what I'm writing about. I mean, I already have six month's worth of entries and what's going to happen years down the line when I'm looking through and looking for a specific moment or day? Eh, I never had titles in my old journals and they're just fine so forget it.

So I've been having really vivid dreams lately. What the hell? Is it because I suddenly actually have the time to sleep or am I just going through internal struggle and strife? This was nuts. It involved the beach, somehow I think Wrigley, school, old school chums, and chair being thrown. I think somehow, someway, we were in Iraq at some point as well. I know it sounds f'ed up and fragmented as hell, but I think I figured out the jist of it.

BTW, if any of you ever want to figure out what your dreams mean, hit me up, I've read a lot about them, used to be into it a lot. Even kept a dream journal for a long time, I had to keep one for a class once, and I then kept one for a long time after. At some point though, I swear I stopped dreaming.

Have you ever dreamt of someone that you've never met? Or of concepts, situations that you couldn't possibly understand. Like dreaming you're running around Istanbul, even though you've never been there. I could see myself running around Chicago, NYC, because I know the cities you know, but like Cairo or something. Are they even accurate dreams? Okay, maybe I'm not fully awake. I'll come back later, if I have the chance I think all the rugrats are coming by today. Why oh why isn't it ever the hoodrats not the rugrats. Heh.

Shut up Gil.

Coco Noriega.


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