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*yawns* struggle...

I'm so fawkin' exhausted. I really can't say why either. I guess the weekend's finally catching up to me. Anyway, let's see...hung out with BJ today. Hadn't seen him in a couple months. He's been looking for a while, and he finally got hired by Wisconsin, so I'm pretty psyched for him. He's going to be moving up there next week with his girlfriend, the only bad thing is that I probably won't see him as much. Not that I see all that much now, but it just FEELS different, like the end of an era or something. We caught up for a while, went to see Spiderman 2, it was a good time. It's always good to hang with old friends, plus Jen's really great. They're a great couple.

I get home, and just like last night, there's rugrats everywhere. We end up grilling out back, and messing around with the leftover fireworks. God I'm really tired. I went to bed late last night and woke up early, watched the Magnificent Seven first thing in the morning. If you haven't seen it, you need to. That and Seven Samurai. Hmm...anything else to report?

I guess the trend 'round here's been change. Or going on with your life, BJ with his job, Silly w/ her new car and fixing up her house. These people are my age, I don't know, I just feel behind. Guess it's been sort of a theme this year anyway. It's amazing how life works, fate, destiny, etc. Silly and I were at NIU at the same exact time, pretty much the same station in life. I was okay at first but then you see where things branch off. She stayed in school, never went out, never partied. I, on the other hand, joined a frat, f'ed around and got kicked out.

Regrets? Eh, not regrets per se. "I do not regret the things I've done, only those I did not do." Hmm, need to add that. Just wonder if things might be different now. Not really I guess, I mean I could easily be making close to six figs now, let's see. I'd be over ten years at Blockbuster now or just about, easily a District Manager, w/bonuses, yeah I'd be at six or close too. I mean I was making over 40 as a temporary SM. Then again I could be dead too, working 60 hour weeks, going insane. It's a wash I guess.

Fawk, that's it for tonight, I'm getting my ass to bed. Hopefully I can find some way to be productive tomorrow.

Sleep with the angels...


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