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Everything is messy...

...that's just the way shit is so get over it.

I don't know what kind of shit I was on last night. Combination of feeling a bit under the weather, other people's crap influencing me, and the effects of drugs (legal ones jackass) on the mind. I've done enough bitching for a while I guess. In other news, I haven't done ish lately. What's the date again? I really have to run a few errands right now. Oh and I've been surviving on the same $20 all week, fun! How is it that I really haven't been going out since school got out (predictably) and I'm still broke? I knew it'd be the same ish as every year, summer everyone just gets on their own shyt.

Hmm...guess, I should, really, get, going. *sighs* Quit stalling, all you have to do is mail some things...although I haven't played X-Box in a while, and I still have half a book to read...

*smacks self*

I'll be back later, possibly...

-The King of Procrastination Lord Gilberto De Noriega II

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