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"You've got to let go of the past Mikey, and when you do, the future is beautiful."

I love this country, I really do. I thought 9/11 was a great film, but it hasn't really influenced me, one way or the other. However, this is pure bullshit.

I mean this guy helped to fuck over thousands of lives. People that needed the money for retirement, young people, old people, families, etc. Does your average criminal, the one who mugs someone on the street get the opportunity to "surrender" or turn him or herself in? How about bank robbers? Prostitutes? Well you get the idea, I'm sure these Enron guys are going to serve time with regular inmates. They'll be placed into the general population, with the rest of the convicts, right? Oh and it's just a coincidence that he's a contributor to President Bush.

On the other front, I find it amusing that Kerry picked Edwards, didn't he say something to the effect that Edwards was in diapers when Kerry was in 'Nam? Funny how all is forgotten when you're on the same ticket.

Politics suck, besides, everyone knows that the world's being run by Greenspan.

So I have this pain in my left lower inside calf. Right above the ankle, like a high ankle sprain I guess. Thing is, it doesn't hurt at all, until I touch it. It's not painful at all, just annoying. One of those things that I just can't figure out, and it's been like this for over a week now. Awell, now that I've bored you all...

Watched Swingers today, it had been a while, great freakin' movie. At the very least I've been watching movies with my time off. Just have to start writing them now. Anyway, it's one of my favs, and it has it's own little pieces of wisdom and truths.

*yawns* Guess I should get going, tomorrow is another day, yadda, yadda, yadda.


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