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"You can hate me now, but I won't stop now."

"Don't hate me, hate the money I see, clothes that I buy
Ice that I wear, clothes that I try
Close your eyes, picture me rollin,
sixes, money foldin'..." (Hate Me Now-Nas & Puff)

Let's see, actually I wish I money foldin' especially after last night, fawk. Spent *gulps* $119 at Mullen's last night, don't ask me how, in less than four hours too. That's like $30/hour, fawk. At least they were nice enough to call me this morning, guess Rigo left his phone there last night, I tried calling Shenel but no answer and the house phone's not picking up.

I'm actually feeling okay, my neighborhoodies came in, schweet, I'll take pics. I'm going to try to catch Anchorman but for some reason it's supposedly not playing at Evanston. Hmm...

Maybe Lincoln Village then? Ewww...Crown even? Bleggh. I'm getting lazy...why isn't it at Evanston? *drops to knees, raises arms Platoon style* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*jumps up, bows* Thank you, thank you!

Oh I got an invite to so I'm there now too, ever increasing my online presence...pfft. Loser.

Alighty I have get my arse in gear, see exactly what I am going to do today, you get going too and have a great day.

Stay Classy,

Classy Gilly Blassy

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