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"Nobody can save you from yourself."

More wisdom from the Creek. What the hell am I going to do when I have to start working? Why is my neck twitching? Now that I've been sort of working out again, I'm experiencing all kinds of pains, twitches, and crap I haven't in ages. Damn 'net wasn't working last night so I didn't get on here. Not that there was all that much to write about. Still working on moving crap around here, getting everything in order. Keeping busy. Watched Phone Booth Saturday night, Keifer's just great in it and Forest "Ghost Dog" Whitaker is the man. Yesterday, just worked on the house, moving shit, throwing useless sentimental shit away. Why do we do that? I have a large bag full of stuffed animals, cards, etc. from an ex. Just sitting there. I look at it like maybe once a year when I'm looking for other shit, I don't feel the need to look at it or reminisce or anything like that, but I can't throw it away. It's like rude, or I don't know. Maybe it's just moi.

I didn't go to Street Side on Saturday night so Jules and Charlie will be upset, and I didn't watch the game w/ the Katz or go to the show w/ J-Rock so that's gravy too. Cubs kicked arse though, so that's a plus, I guess.

I guess I should get going, I need to shred some things, top secret files, incriminating pictures with the intern, etc. Then if time permits, get my ass to Target. The fun never stops around here eh? Oh and new TGS on Homestar, schweet. It was 'aight, no one even got 'd. Maybe like two of you know what I'm talking about, eh. I'll be around.

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