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One hour

I am forcing myself to write for an hour, from 1300-1400 CST. OK Go!

Oh where, oh where to begin? Start at the beginning of course. So I left off on July 12th, eh? What was that? Monday, right. This is going to be a long one, be forewarned.

No? Good 'cause this is going to be as long as one.

Monday was spent like much of the previous weekend. Cleaning up the house, moving shit, shredding files, and throwing out useless things. How long are you supposed to keep old receipts, or credit card statements, or documents? Anyway, I was aggravated at the bags upon bags of crap I had accumulated in the past few months/years, so I started shredding it all. I found a lot of my old school papers, assignments, etc. Folders, books, it's so funny because I've been talking about it, but I actually came across my old Dawson's Creek folder. ROFL. I can't believe I used to carry that around, I'm so gay. It was kind of depressing, not to toot my own horn, but most of the things had A's on them. I found a few plays too, some that we performed on stage, again, I was good at that too. Did I mention modest? Heh, but hey when you have the chops, you have them you know?

I found old postcards, letters, trinkets, etc. I also had a suprisingly vast amount of digits. Digits? Me? When the hell was that? I don't remember ever being the ladies man, seriously. I must admit it did give my ego a slight boost, I mean I guess at some point I was able to actually acquire female companionship, go figure. The names and faces were long forgotten, so it's not like I dialed anyone up or save anything, it all went the way of the shredder. One napking in particular stood out though, I had one w/ someone's lipstick on it, you know like the imprint of the kiss...I really wanted to remember who that was. Heh, after a little while, it too got sliced and diced. I think that's the only way I ever get anything done, it's either all or nothing, I was a shredding machine!

The day really reminded me that I should be doing more, I need to be productive, but I kind of have been the last couple of days. Hence the lack of updates. I've also been jogging/walking all week so far, I feel like crap but it feels good. (Get to the gym Bibby :p) I really should take more pics as well, here's a few.

The folder, (see I wasn't lying)a bag full of my shredded crap, and the T's I just got from Neighborhoodies.

Viv's bday. It was my sister's birthday today so that was going on in addition to finishing up w/ the remodeling and 'summer cleaning'. (Shit, I even procrastinate my Spring Cleaning a whole season...slacker fuck) I still haven't gotten her anything, I'm just afraid of going to Best Buy, that place is evil I tells you! Anyway, everyone and their mother was going to be here, BBQin' outside and not to mention the All-Star Game. I went to the park and threw the ball around for a while with some of the little ones, came back and pigged out. My aunt brought a pinata which was subsequently destroyed and devoured.

All in all it was a busy day, exhausting, but fun. The game was a major disappointment though. Not to mention the Home Run Derby the night before, but I digress. Almost forgot, my EA Sports losing streak continues, I can't f'ing win. Maybe I'm past my gaming prime?

This is what I ended up looking like after four days or so of the BS around here

Yesterday was rather uneventful, some people came over for leftovers, my cousins, (who are now at my alma mater Mather HS)were teasing me about my old yearbook pics. I guess one of them works in the bookroom, I felt sooooo old, friggin' graduated TEN YEARS AGO!

Ack. I'm over it.

Anyway, I just didn't feel like doing anything, I did run but I had no energy the rest of the afternoon. Couldn't write, couldn't muster the energy to do a thing except lurk on the net, read random LJs, and play friggin old NES games.

Today, finally. I'm sitting here writing in my LJ, waiting for the new couch to arrive. We got the fridge for the basement yesterday. I tipped the guys five bucks. How much are you supposed to tip? Are you even supposed to, they seemed happy to get anything. I'm usually pretty cool w/ anyone providing a service. I know how it feels when people are dicks so whenever the cable, phone, gas, etc. people come over I offer them a coke or beer, whatever.

Heh. Alright I think I'm babbling now, again nothing of consequence to speak of today, ran a little, watched my D Creek reruns, dealt w/Gateway again. Somehow I lose my IP address when I run windows updates, I don't know. Oh and I bought H tickets for August. Schweet. They're in P-town today but that's like three hours away.

Ok I will shut up now, thanks for playing. Questions? Comments? You know the drill.

Peace, love, and chicken grease.


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