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Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerrated.


That's the first thing. Fauckin' Nomah! Can you believe it? I've been acting like such a kid since I heard the news. Apologies to those of you who wondered where I was. (Sadly about two people probably wondered. Hmmph.) I was neither here nor there. I had to deal with working again, relatives in from out of town, and other assorted events and or situations. Not to mention the usual malaise and dealing with crap I can't understand. (You know, like how I could just kill a man.) I think, I hope, umm, things will be alright. They always are, aren't they?

Everything happens for a reason.

But I'm back biatch! August is upon us and it should be a great end to the summer. H is playing a couple of times, a few more movies are coming out, and I'll be off for a couple of weeks. Sweet! I know, I know, some of you are like does he ever work? Pfft. Oh, and did I mention MADDEN 2005!!!

I spent my ass off last night at Mullen's with the crew. With the exception of one or two people it was great seeing everyone. Just some people were being Slim, as in shady. Then some a-hole was being a dick playing with a friend of mine. I could tell he was a hustler right away, or at least a wannabe. He played her one handed to even it up. What an ass. Few other peeps showed up and some of my dad's buddies were there as well. It was AG.

As far as today, I'm off to watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. It should be good for a laugh or two then it's NOMAHR! and the Cubs trying to get Maddux his 300th. Good times, good times!

Guess that's about it boys and girls. Oh how I've missed you all ;). Have a great day and I'll see you hear next time. Same Gil-time, same Gil-channel.


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