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Things that make you go hmm...

I watched Harold and Kumar, it was surprisingly funny. I thought it'd be your typical stoner movie but it turned out to be pretty good. Stoner movie/road trip flick. The Cubbies won with Nomah! Unfortunately Maddux didn't get 300. It's amazing, Boston's my second favorite team, the players, the curse, lovable losers just like us, oh and they hate the Yankees. So getting Garciaparra was one of the best things that could happen, even now seeing him in Cubby blue, I'm still not used it. I know I must sound flaming right now. Anyway, what else...nothing much happened last night. Saw the movie with Max and watched the game with the Katz. Swanie called about the Cubs tix for the 13th. Why am I even considering not going? I've only been to two games this year (fucking blows) and I never turn tickets down, so why did I say I'd call her back? I don't know, it's like earlier this year, it depends where the seats are. Not because I'm picky but last time I went I got like claustrophobic. Maybe it was the cheap seats up high, maybe it was just me, I don't know. I'm going though, NOMAHHHH!!!! I'll have my jersey any day now, heh.

Today, hmm, nothing of consequence. The office was getting cleaned all day so I didn't really do anything at work. Hung out with the five-O, and tried to keep cool in the halls. Came home, went by Wrigley for a few, cruised downtown for a bit, and came home to the greatest invention on earth, the A/C. Actually my cousin and a buddy of mine were over and we were f'ing around with the two way radios. Scanning channels and talking to random people we picked up. So we get this brilliant idea to either get a CB radio, which I used to play with when I was a kid, or a scanner. So off they go to Radio Shack after pooling our money to grand total of ninety dolllars. We're being total dorks on the way there, I'm at the 'homebase' radioing them on the way there. "Come in J-phantom this is homebase, over." I started looking for frequencies on the 'net and I found my old 10-codes sheet. I used to work student security at NIU in conjunction with the campus/state police and I have a whole manual which included the 10-codes. (i.e. 10-4, 10-10, etc.) Of course this just lead to us being even bigger losers. Long story short, we opted to skip on the scanner when they didn't have the one we wanted, not to mention we can't send on a scanner, only receive.

So we just got Slurpees.

Played a little X-Box, got beat at MVP twice today, $#%#^!@* Jose. Now I have the damn 70's show distracting me. Hex's show is wednesday but it's like $30!!! Granted it's the Metro, and they're opening for Lucybell but fawk. Not to mention it's a weekday. We'll see, he might get me on the list anyway, backstage too. That'd be schweet! I guess.

That's about it I think, am I missing anything? Don't you hate when you have like a thread or a knot or a tag or something on your clothes and it just rubs against your skin, annoying you and bothering you until YOU JUST WANT TO KILL SOMEONE? I don't, you freak. Those of you out of town, hit me up, hope you're having a good break, those of you in town, hope to see you wednesday. Those of you who for some strange reason don't fall into either category, umm...I got nothing.

Alright I shall take my leave of you. Goodnight, goodnight! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.

-Gil "Fortune's Fool" Noriega

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