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Talk about demoralizing.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): It's the old story: It never rains but it pours. A number of planetary configurations are conspiring against you at work and in your job. Your love life is equally confusing! In fact, demoralizing might be a better word. Parents are also confused about children.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I really don't subscribe to the whole astrology "thing". However, Betty tends to post these in her LJ and as I was reading the paper at work I glanced at mine. It kind of struck a chord. I know, I know, they're usually very vague so that they can apply to a broad range of people. Anyway, the word demoralizing is just a tad bit harsh is it not? Oh well, I mean I usually won't take any stock in them unless they're positive, if not then it's all BS.

So I actually made it to everything last night, met up with the crew at Mullen's for a few. Had some Nori-jager bombs as they're being called now in my honor, some Jack and Cokes and a Long Island or two. Shot some pool, I really need to practice, I was playing like shit. I was still debating whether or not I was going to try to make it to the Metro for Hex's show. It felt like I had the angel and the devil on my shoulders all night. It didn't help that someone kept telling me not to go. But you know what, regardless of how close we are now, Hex was/is(?) one of my closest friends and this was an important night for the band. I mean, it is the Metro after all. It was like a bad comedy, I raced out of Mullen's about half an hour before they were supposed to go on. I found parking close to Irving Park, I jogged two blocks, made it to will call, and raced up the stairs just as Mel was beginning their first song.

It was a good set, there weren't that many people there, but it was all good. I'm actually kind of proud of Hex, he's been trying to get a band together for years. Hell at one point I was his drummer. Then for a shining moment, after he heard me singing Nothing Special on the way back from school, he said maybe I could sing. So close. I swear I'm a frontman trapped in a roadie's body! Almost sang for Roundeye but that's another story. Anyway, he's doing it, so more power to him. And mad props yo. I'm really glad I made it out.

I left the Metro and drove back to Mullen's. I had left my cue stick with D and the Cubs game wasn't over yet. Earlier in the night, there were some ladies checking us out at the bar. Well, probably D, or they were just watching us play pool, whatever. Anyway, D bought them some shots, two of them accepted but nothing really happened after that. Well, when I got back they were playing with him and others had arrived. I really didn't talk to anyone, I don't know, I'm strange like that. Not that they weren't easy on the eyes, I'm just spent I guess. Or still holding on. I'm really picky too, stubborn, umm...did I mention picky? I watched the end of the game, said my goodbyes and exited stage right.

The Cubs won last night, it was a great game, Sammy went yard to tie it up. Farnsworth almost blew it. They also won today, we're undefeated since getting Nomar, we're on a roll baby! Anyone else notice how the other side of town starts going to shit when the other side is on a roll? Hmm...

Speaking of today, I didn't make it to the park this morning. I'm a lazy piece of crap, guess it was a combination of being slightly hungover, sore, and sleepy. Work was the same, I had a bunch of kids clean up the office, also had to get rid of a couple of students. At least until the fall. While the kids were on their break, I stood in the hall and talked to one of the security guards. We were shooting the shit when one of the girls from the back hall walked in. Let me explain, we use our rooms in the back hall for extra-ciricular activites and for other programs. While they're affiliated with the school they're not really part of it. Anyway one of the supervisors walked in and totally caught me by surprise. Those of you that know me, know I'm pretty good at 'spitting' game. I'm saying I'm a playa by any means but I'm not one to freeze up, you know? Anywho, she started last year and I really haven't seen her, but at some point I think I commented to someone that she was really cute.

That was my first mistake. Eventually word got to her, and somehow saying how cute someone is turned into "Hey there's this guy that wants to take you out on a date." Nothing ever came of it, partly because she's always in the back, and partly because I'm like mutherfucking Sam Fisher when I need to be stealthy. Long story short I hadn't seen her pretty much since last year, heh. So she says hi to the guard they talk a little and stand there like "derrrrrr". Just like in every lame comedy where the guy's standing there speechless, dumbass. I think I said "hey". At least I said something. Oh well, there's only a few days left in summer school, I can make myself scarce, lol.

Oh I do have some good news. I saved money on my car insurance! Hahahahahah! I hate those fawking commericials.

Seriously though, my US Savings Bonds came in and I thought they were going to be like big pieces of paper, like stocks on TV or something. Nope. They're like tax refund checks. Some dead presidents on them, and solid denominations. I don't know why I thought it'd be like one sheet of paper for a whole amount. I was going to take some pics, they're pretty much like money. It's kind of scary holding that much money in your hands. The largest amount of money I've ever had on me in cash was over 10,000 when I worked at BBV. I had to make a deposit at the bank after a three day weekend. I think it was close to 12 G's. I soooo wanted to take that money to the boats, or Mexico, whichever.

I got a little haircut, nothing major, maybe about an inch. Then I headed over to streetside to see Julie. One of these days I'll make there on a Saturday and make Charlie spin some H, or else I'll just hi-jack the one's and two's and do it my damn self! She makes the craziest drinks, but it's all good. I'm still a bit buzzed. Guess I'm going to try to meet her at the Factory tomorrow after work. She's getting a tatt finished so I might get some work done. Depending on whether or not I can decide on something by tomorrow. Oh, and if she doesn't hog Mike the whole time.

Alright I've rambled long enough, I guess none of you boring people did anything fun yesterday since I didn't get any reports. Fine :P. Have a great day and a pleasant tonight.

G to the I to the L

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