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"BOOM! He's on his back!"

Let's see, where do I begin. Where did I leave off? Thursday I believe...okay so Friday.

I woke up, went to work, which kind of sucked. Except for getting paid, it was my first double check, all I can say is sweet! All this cash is soooo burning a hole in my pocket, but I have to hold on to it for Madden road trips and/or Local trips. Met Jules at the Tattoo Factory, she had some of her ink touched up, I watched, talked with Mike for a while and just took in the "atmosphere" for a while. From the broadway hoodrats, to the yuppies coming in to buy their kids tattoos, (must be nice) it was an interesting experience. I ended up getting an ouroboros on my left leg, inside calf. I'll take a pic soon, it's pretty cool, almost like a Queztacoatl. It's almost like my firedragon tatt, same style but no color. I don't think I did anything else, came home and played some NFL2K5.

I was feeling like shit on Saturday, it was probably a combination of lack of sleep and coming down with something. D's mom's party was Saturday and it sucks that I wasn't feeling well. It's really helpful when people call you leaving you messages like "you should have come, it's the best, blah, blah, blah." Ya think? Don't you think I'd be there if I wasn't going into and out of consciousness. Oh and getting guilt tripped about missing "rock night" yet again doesn't help. I did watch Man On Fire which I was really getting into and enjoying. I thought it was a great film right up until the end. I won't spoil it, but I think that it was kind of a cop out ending. Also watched BASEketball, it has its moments. Little bitch, lol. I guess that there's a puppet movie coming out by the South Park guys. The title escapes me but I saw the trailer today.

Let's see, today I went to Garcia's with Marcos and then we saw Collateral. It was pretty good, Cruise plays a badass and Foxx was better than I expected. Good action scenes and loved the cineamatography. Thjere's a scene in there that kind of stuck in my head. Afterwards came home, talked to D for a while, guess they're hitting the boats tonight. That sucks because I've been dying to go, but I have to be up for work tomorrow. Oh well, two more days then I'll have a couple weeks off. Cubs games this week, Local shows, and Madden's coming out. Should be schweeet!

Alright, guess that's about it. I'll add more if I remember. Have a good night, and I'm thinking about you...

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