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My Dog Skip... still the saddest movie I've ever seen.

Anyway, this isn't really an update, not that there's been much to update. Didn't do much yesterday, not going to do much today. GXK sold the Cubs tickets so that's out, friggin' @#$#@! Oh, Roundeye's playing the Heartland tonight so maybe I'll hit that up. Also have to buy Kill Bill Vol.2, comes out today. WOOT!!!

But I digress, I stole this from live2cd.

Talk about depressing. I think I'd find it easier to put down a human, anyway, the author/photographer does a great job by contrasting the cat's story with Blue's. It's what we're taught to do in writing or filmmaking. Contrast action with inaction, short scenes with long ones, etc. Ups and downs along the way, CONFLICT is DRAMA.

The story reminded me of a couple of things that I've experienced in regards to animals. One was at D's garage at work. It's somewhat common for people to fight their dogs, at least around here it seems. The cops have told me stories and it comes up every once in a while in the news. So one day as school was letting out, a pitbull, or what was left of one, came limping into the garage.

The door was open and no one noticed until he started whimpering. The poor think was torn apart. Ear was missing along with half it's face. The kids got out and no one was in danger, but we had to call animal control nonetheless. When someone approached the dog it would shake and tremble, you could tell it was scared. Animal control was taking its sweet time, although it's not their fault, I guess there are very, very few animal control officers. RB, one of the cops here, was about to put it down himself. Eventually they came by and took the dog away, even then it was still putting up a fight.

I'd like to make whoever fights pitbulls in a ring, how come they don't fight each other? Pussies.

The other story I can't really talk about, since I'm under oath and all. Let's just say that these fights happen more than you'd think, and that there are only like a handful of police officers assigned to the investigation of animal cruelty and abuse. Even when they do make arrests, the law isn't very strict. Fines are usually the only punishment dealt to the offenders. I know of stories where homeless/transients have abused animals in UNGODLY ways, of people storing Pits in their yards, ten at a time, abusing them, training them to fight.

"Man is the cruelest animal."

Alright, I'll shut up, sorry for the downer. other news...*slices wrists* Today was the last day of summer school. Umm, yeah, sorry...I'll come back later, thanks for playing.
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