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Monster put card in wallet.

Fawkin' Cubs game. So close, Nomar went yard, Sammy, Alou, Lee twice, but whaddya gonna do. Anyway, I missed Roundeye again, I suck. Just so many goddamn circumstances. Not to mention that it's in the middle of the week. Granted I'm not working tomorrow, but everyone else is. There's also the money situation, especially if we hit Mullen's tomorrow and the possible Cubs/H combo on Friday. Whatever, I know, poor me.

Oh and I did a lot of thinking today, that's what happens when you have spare time. I think, that as much as it pains me to admit it, I am a COWARD sometimes. Damn $%#! 37!

This morning sucked, I started jogging and my legs felt like shit, I can usually work through it, cramps and such but I wasn't feeling it this morning so I walked home and crashed.

Anyway, I have to make some changes, and get stuff going, these couple weeks off should be productive. Then again I might just play Madden and go out for the next 14 days or so. We'll see.

No one said anything about Senn Days at work so I don't even know when I'm supposed to be back. Did I go into the office and bring up my concerns? Nope. Getting screwed only working half the summer, not even being asked to work orientation but expected to be there. Arrgh. I don't know, half the time it's just because I don't want to whine and suck it up. I don't want to rock the already shotty boat. Days like today though, I think it's because I puss out. It's not fear per se, I mean what's the worst that can happen? I get fired. Big deal, I don't have a family to support, and it's not like I'd be out on the streets. My five years are just about up anyway...

Alright, I'll shut it for now.

Gilbert Little
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