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Luna del cacciatore

Busy doing nothing as usual.
Thoughts scattered, actions ceased.
Thinking about people in Florida, hope everyone's safe.
I've been lost playing Madden for quite some time.
I suck.
Oh and I'm still a coward.
Saw Aliens Vs. Predator today.
Pretty exciting, slow beginning, cheesy at points, incorporated a lot of themes from previous films.
Local H today, hope it's a barnburner.
Cubs are tied, they should have won last night.
I wish I could have gone to the game, damn luck.
Sportsworld or whatever the hell it's called across from Wrigley sucks balls.
Happy Friday the 13th.
I need to mail some bills out and get some dinero for tonight.
Constantine looks cool, Blade Trinity is going to rock all.
Mark my words, Saw will be scary.
Tarangela was right about the Outlaw/H show, should be interesting to say the least.
Alright, I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball.

Local G

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