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Local H was great on friday night, can't wait to see them again. The set up of the block party was actually pretty cool.

Afterwards I headed to Garcia's with Betty D and my brother, food's always good, our waitress was kind of shady.

I guess everyone I know in Florida is okay, so I've heard, didn't hear anything personally.

Didn't do much this weekend, well except play Madden, watch the Cubs, and cheer on my teams in the Olympics.

I don't know.

The Madden Challenge is in town Saturday at Navy Pier, I'm still considering going. I feel a bit too old to go though, hell the guy that won it all last year is only 19.



Guess I'm just at a loss for words right now.

Cubs lost today, jackasses, friggin' Farns. I really like him too, but he's just been so unreliable this season.


Tomorrow is another day I guess.



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