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Well I think I feel better now, hopefully a long sleep will fix me up, if not...guess it's more OJ in the morning. God I haven't bought any Xmas presents yet but what did I do today...let's see. Purchased some songs on I-Tunes, bought some things from, a game from, and some clothes in There. Yeah good job leaving CC open and clear for Xmas shopping, lol. I cancelled my Audible account the other day for some reason, I wanted to use that money somewhere else...guess it was for game. I mean I had a coupon so that's acceptible. And you have to support the ol' Homestar, and umm I only bought three songs. Way to rationalize Gil...

Going to go to bed happy once again, even though I feel like shit, and I'm beat, I still have the feeling everything's going to be ok. Not to mention only seven work days left, really six...LOTR next week! Hopefully the Christmas spirit will hit me soon. Can't get Bobby Brown outta my head, tyvm you know who you are.

That's something I would like some feedback you or would you care if I used names on here? I mean not like full names even, just handles and/or first names only. I mean I don't care about mine, it's all over the place, but I can't speak for anyone else. I would like to give shout outs and or just make it clear who I'm talking about sometimes you know? So leave me a message or an email or telepathy or something.


Please :(

Guess that's about it for tonight. Hope I haven't bored you all to death just yet. But there's still time I guess. Have a good night guys and dolls.

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