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"It's better to watch stuff than to do stuff."

Corey!!! Homer to win it, bottom of the 12th. Damnit, they piss me off, but you gotta love them. Nothing much to report, work blew. Got blocked in, again. The after school peeps were in the lunchroom so at least I got to talk about that. I don't think I mentioned it, but I'm going to be working two days a week for a couple hours a day after school. I'm going to be teaching/coaching kids in chess and table games. It's part of an after school program and it's pretty decent money. 3-5, so it should be a good deal. Starts in October I believe. Didn't run any of my errands today, it was too damn hot out. So I still have to cash my check, hell might as well wait until friday and do them both. Have to drop a few things in the mail, pick up Local H tix, and hit Best Buy. Eh, we'll see. I'm glad everyone checked in last night. It's nice to know that people are reading, even if you weren't I'll still be writing, but it's nice to have fans. ;)

Oh, the quote's from Homer Simpson of course, I don't know if I agree though, I can think of a couple of thinks that are definitely more fun to do than to watch...

A'ight, I think I'm going to hit the hay, run those errands tomorrow, maybe Mullen's...
If I don't snap at work first that is.

Stay up,


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