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"The force is strong in this one."

Before I forget both of my buddy's bands are playing at Lily's October 1st, so if you're in town and need something to do, cha-cha-ch-check it out!

Let's see what else, today was my mom's birthday. I picked up a cake from the greatest place in the world, Swedish Bakery...mmm. Freakin' awesome. I think I even got a free slice of Red Velvet Cake (my fav) because I flirted with the girl behind the counter. Either that or she screwed up the tab, eh. The principal's secretary was poking fun at me earlier because I was actually dressed up at work and with the new hair, she said she barely recognized me. Ha, ha.

Cubs split the doubleheader, huge series coming up, Houston v. San Francisco. I guess the best scenario would be Houston winning the series 2-1 and us sweeping the Pirates. It's going to be a tough couple of weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot, some possible big news. I guess they're trying to move a Naval Academy into Senn. This could be very bad for us because it would me that they would eventually phase out the normal HS students. Next year we won't be taking any freshman and they will be. 2006 they'd have freshman and sophomores and we'd only have jrs and srs. Etc. Until the academy was totally phased in. Since our enrollment would be lowered, so would our income, etc. It's pretty complicated, but long story short, I may not have a position come next year. Title I funds are linked to the student body's income level, if we are getting rid of our low income kids, then our funds go poof! No funds means no job for me. I really don't want to break it down like this, but it's what it looks like. Basically we have a lot of kids coming in from all over the city. Mostly lower income children. READ:Minorites. However, our school, the neighborhood that it's in, is a bit more affluent than the surrounding area. They just want our kids out of their neighborhood, even if it's not that black and white, that's what it's going to break down to.

So, I'm sure we'll be fighting it, a lot of people aren't aware of it so we'll see how things go after the meetings wednesday and thursday. There's not really much else to do, so I'm not going to worry about it. It'll be five years in April so I'm probably due for a change anyway, right? Everything happens for a reason, right? I really need to start writing.

I'm considering calling in tomorrow, heading to Best Buy, buying the Star Wars Trilogy and watching it all day tomorrow. However, being the responsible jerk I am, I'll probably go to work, then Best Buy after school. Probably end up spending way too much, Star Wars DVDs, Battlefront on X-Box, a few CD's I've missed, the new Chevelle...fuck I'm screwed.

Alright I'm out like the fat kid in dodge ball.

-Gil Solo

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