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?!!?!?!? What the fuck's up with the Livejournal client? I'm scared. change sucks. But Long Island Iced Teas and jagerbombs don't. ;)
Let's see Cubs won, 1-0. finally a one run game. Umm hung out with the crew, eh...whatever. I don't know about some of them, but drinkin's drinking. I think some shit is going to go down in the city regarding the schools and their "plans" we'll see. I've spent about 250 dollars the last three! Break it down....Star WArs DVDs Coffee and Cigarettes DVD, 3 CDs at Best Buy was 100 dollars, 50 dollars on parts/fluids for car (which got hooked up today, schweet) and today 70 at the bar and thirty on gas. Grand Total ding ding ding 250 dollars and it's only wednesday. This is still freakin' me out, damn LJ!!!

Umm is that it? We were getting into strange conversations at work, it was pretty funny. We're a bunch of pervs, lol. D even asked the waitress a few things, it was amusing. She totally went to bat and answered though. The things alcohol will do to you. New Chevelle and Green Day are pretty good. Chevelle was to be expected, Green Day has pleasantly surprised me. I'm sure I have more to write about, but whatta gonna do. I'm going to sleep...possibly more manana.

Much love,

-G. No
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