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My idioms will be my downfall.

I hate my mind sometimes. A Pinata was broken tonight. The little Bears beat the Metropolitans. Jay and Bob Strike Back was watched. The place of my employment was the place of my discontent. Tomorrow is another day. People will disappoint you everytime. Karma does not work fast enough. Fuck the crew. As I proposed to myself once before, this year will be different. Less interaction, no venturing into the unknown. They can go to the Side of Fire every week, I however choose not to.

What does The Royal Tenenbaums have to do with the final episode of Dawson's Creek?

What does one thing have to do with the other? Is it not possible for everyone to get along? The pale skinned redhead? The reconstructor of motorcars? The abnegator? The sensei? The wordsmith? The plebeians? There was a moment, frozen in time, when everything was copacetic, and the planets were aligned. Oh how aqua vitae changes everything! Truly as was once said, it is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

The answer is always obvious, asking yourself the question, therein lies the rub.

'twas out of character, but I regret nothing.
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