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I'm soo fucking aggravated. Working with computers that suck and take 20 minutes to reboot, techs that know less than I do, people that are always on the phone, or in people's business. FUCK!

Trying to print a simple friggin' report, on two different systems no less and no fucking luck. This is the type of entry I should put on private, watch people end up here and being like is he talking about me?

Guess what I probably am, get to work! Do something! I know I'm not perfect but Christ, I'll put anyone to the challenge, I do twice what they do on any given day.

I'm going to get into trouble with this thing I know it.


Piece of shit office...@#$%#$@%#$ computers, fucking printers..I need to go to lunch. On a totally different note, we, and I mean the Chicago Bears, should go after Coach Reeves...'nuff said.

PS-don't trust anyone..backstabbing, shit-talking mofos

PPS-well, you can trust me :)

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